Well, I have a little time before I need to go to work. C:

Hello there, my name (for all intents and purposes) is Mel. I am 19 years old and reside in Canada. I recently spent a year in Europe and speak English, Finnish and Spanish. I have two gay room mates.Hmmm... My job is alright, but one of my managers makes it unbearable. I love reading, hate moths and when balloons pop, and I am always rocking out to my iPod when I think no one is watching. Some one usually is. I have brown hair right now, green eyes and I'm rather tall. I enjoy looking down on short people. I'm also rather clumsy.

There you have it! A whole blurb about Ickle my Pickle! Now! I am off to work, bright eyed, bushy tailed, Starbucks in hand. I will drop things and be yelled at by my manager.

It's going to be a great day. C:

Oh. Apparently I have a blog. Read it. Pretty please. Kay, thanks.

Teacups and Murder