What You Need To Know 'Bout Me !! (:

The name's Cindy Tran ! get used to it xP MY DAY IS MARCH 22, be sure to buy me a present ! xD LOOL my favorite colors are black, purple, blue, pink, green, and orange ! yeeep. i'm hella obsessed with Justin Bieber<3333 i'm a 6th grader at Merton Hill Elementary ! (: Been there since kindergarten xD so happy to finally get out of there. like always, Family &nd friends come first ! get to know meee ! you won't regret it (: hit me up homiez AIM: rawrrCINDAAY


Gotta a problem with me ? Fix the damn problem !
Think I'm tripping ? Get on your knees & tie my shoes !
Can't stand me ? Rest yo a** on the chair !

thanks for understanding(: LOOL


Hello people of earth this is Michelle (iBLOOMUFFiN) speaking for thee one and onlyy Cindy Tran! (cutepuppyworld) This girl right here is like such a sweetheart, she mayy be mean at times, but that's cos you get on her nerves! ;] well, this girl is also single, so boyss HOLLA. she is prettyy short, but she'll grow. HAHA. wells, Cindyy if you need anythingg just hitt meh upp! and if any of you mess with her, I DON'T THINK SO. cos this girl has back up, so if i see one badd commentt abouut herr then i'll kick yourr butt! i love this chick! -Michelle V. heart

Hey peoplez im Vicky (LovexDeathxForever) im not on cindy friend list but i would like to tell you people that Cindy is the best cuz i ever had. i dont think she is mean or anything.whenever i come to her house shes all having fun and like when she at home without me she is bored.she wanted the celebrity date sooo much and i got it for her well it was a lot of money but i wasted it for her and only her .i know everything about ....well not everthing. but she is toatally cool. she is coolest person ive ever seen in my entire life. i am trying to make gaia gold for all of cindy's want to have avatar

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Total Value: 314,709 Gold
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Beat Slim Orchid Shoes
Blacklight Punk Sock
Neutral Male Goth Starter Shirt
Flashy Cut Off Shorts
Native American Purple & Pink Beaded Earrings
Purple Tam Beret
Purple Tam Beret
Purple Tam Beret
Violet And Purple Reversible Hair Pins
Purple Bar Necklace
Violet And Purple Reversible Hair Pins
Violet And Purple Reversible Bracelets
Violet And Purple Reversible Bracelets
Ritzy Black Pearl Necklace