Well... What should you know about me? It' s pretty simple. I changed acc's (again) okay, so anyway on to the basics:

- Name:Jojo, Foxy, Wolfie, or Deco (I dont like my real name so use one of these)

- Age: (guess or ill tell you)

- Taken, now leave me alone :l

- Bisexual

- If you have any questions at all about me, ask and ill answer (no matter how inappropriate it is)

- I'm not a people person so if i don't know you, talk to me and we'll see how it goes

- I absolutely adore gay/ bi guys and bi/lez. girls <3

-I dont like pink all to well but ill deal with it

-Favorite colors are : Red, Blue, White, and Black

-I am a gothic style type of chick that loves raving music,screamo, and most things with a great beat and lyrics that i like

- I'm a drummer that loves to draw and skateboard

So, now that you know me, Ask any other questions~


Hacked by the guy who thinks about you 24/7
I just wanted to say that I love you with all my heart no matter what <3!~

We have been together for almost 2 years and i have been loving every moment of it

You are the love off my life and the one person who keeps me smiling

You are my best friend/girlfriend and i will always be there for you even if your mad sad pmsing or depressed because you have always been there for me

You are my Beautiful Nanu~ and always will be.

I wish you were here with me every single day and I love you so damn much my chest hurts, Stay safe babygirl

~Masochistic Beta~


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