My name's Cassi, but everyone calls me Ichi. I love yaoi, trampolines, and udon noodles. My favorite color is black and I'm a Scorpio.
Status: Single
Likes: My friends, cons, anime, manga, cosplay, yuri, hentai, fangirling, Gackt, yaoi paddling, nighttime, curry, cats.........Ga-in from BEG....late night walks......hm
Dislikes: (copy and paste mayuko-chan23's <3) .....that's it.
sh*t I wanna do in life: Go toJapan and S. Korea, go to a host club full of pretty secretly gay men (like in Heart Strings! >:3), open a shop with my friend, learn Kyudo, be a free bird :I
Rest in peace Nujabes!
I'll be going to Otakon this year as Wolfram Von Bielefeld, so if you wanna meet up pm me! ;3