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i'm rylee...15 years old.....i tend to be a little shy around a lot of people.....i have a best friend who i consider my soul twin....her avatar is Genasis Yaname....she's always there when i need her most emotion_bigheart .....i'm fiercely loyal to my friends, family, and *boyfriend...(*will be when i get one) single and go to musselman high school..... heart if you don't like it talk2hand emotion_dealwithit i can be very hyper at times but also very serious when there's something very important..i'm a natural born leader.....i have a ghetto side( when pissed off, very rarely comes out) and i'm super kind and caring if you don't get on my bad side.....but that's just the way i am...if you don't like it then don't talk to me...

what i like fools

Genasis Yanamay

My Fraternal Twin( super cool best friend)

My Crazy Little Amigo(like a little brother)