KONNICHI WA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Genki desu ka????(for all who dont know i said hello how r u in japanese cat_xd )

i am ichigo530061 pleasure to meet u all. i am completly cluless whe doin anything on gaia so i beg u all PLZ HELP ME AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely heart anything anime and manga so if u have any suggestions i would really like to kno cat_xd

Anyone of me friends can tell u if u piss me off it will probally end up something like this stressed scream KICK!!!!!!!!! (but that is mainly torward guys cat_xd )

as u can probbally c i luv kitties as well. i have a cat named woody who is a NINJA BOSS cat_ninja . but 4 some odd reason he barks.................

my favorite time of year is every few monthes when new animes come out. ive comepleted so many series ive lost count so all i can do is wonder cat_question


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Tears of Zero

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Tears of Zero

Thanks for buying~ heart
Akari Ryou ZX

Report | 05/24/2012 6:10 pm

Akari Ryou ZX

Kyaah! Happy birthday!! Tanjoubi omedetou!!

You want cake? You got cake. yum_cupcake

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Hey , if you wanna know how to update your profile, PM Akari Ryou ZX about it. She did mine, and it is amazing
Akari Ryou ZX

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Akari Ryou ZX

Hey, nice profile biggrin