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Hi, ichigo kuhas here! I'm a 16-year-old boy. As you might be able to tell, I love watching Bleach. I have a very complex personality at best. I am one who doesn't realy fit into ANY crowd, most people just say that for people to feel bad for them, but i'm serious!

I live in a relatively small town, getting bigger and bigger as the years pass by though... sad The one thing that is a big turn off to people about me is.... i'm a conspiracy "theorist". I believe that the government had everything to do with the BOMBING of the World Trade Centers, and i've got unquestionable proof!

That sums up most of my personality right off, but I guess there is a lot more to me. I like drawing, watching anime, and playing video games in my spare time. I usualy act angry in public because I don't want to get involved with people who will just mock me. When you talk with me one on one i'm usualy very serious, but if it's a non serious conversation i'm almost sure I can make you laugh.

I only have 3 people who are very good friends, and only 1 of them I think I will be friends with forever. I've never been on a date in my life, never kissed a girl, never done anything... I guess i'm just not desirable... 0.o

I'm also a very clean person, I don't believe in swearing, although I can't say I don't swear, it slips often. I have never drank any alcohol, never smoked, never dipped, never done drugs, never done ANYTHING! That is another reason people don't like me, they think I haven't lived because I live by higher standards.

I'm not trying to put those people down, this is just the way I want to live my life. That's a little bit of my personality, if you want to know more just talk to me! razz


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ryuzaka uchiha Report | 04/01/2011 6:18 pm
ryuzaka uchiha
copy and pazte diz 2 pros, and you'll get 300,000 Gold, It works! *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke*poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke*poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke*poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *poke *
xXGEN_REX12Xx Report | 11/26/2010 1:45 am
XxX_Rainbow_Trivium_XxX Report | 10/27/2010 7:22 pm
hi long time xD
XxX_Rainbow_Trivium_XxX Report | 08/17/2010 9:40 am
hey there
Roiyaru Espada Taiga Report | 08/16/2010 7:40 pm
Roiyaru Espada Taiga
thank you for buying it is a great thing you did
ii Kiyri-sama ii Report | 07/23/2010 11:29 am
ii Kiyri-sama ii
Thank-you for buying ^^
Dell Conagher Report | 07/02/2010 1:04 pm
Dell Conagher
That technically makes me a zombie.
XxX_Rainbow_Trivium_XxX Report | 06/23/2010 11:41 am
lol ^^ hahahaha look at my profile @_@ heh heh....heh......
XxX_Rainbow_Trivium_XxX Report | 06/23/2010 11:30 am
hells to the no! lol xD i'm in a trivium phase again...more or less, a matt heafy phase, but add me on my other account too...that i won't use as often....xXx_xMattx_xHeafyx_xXx
XxX_Rainbow_Trivium_XxX Report | 06/23/2010 10:26 am
your welcome ^^ *hugs and licks cheek* lol (: i'm a fox so...



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