Hallo und guten Tag! Ich heisse Engel. Ich bin siebzehn Jahre alt, und ich bin verrükt! ...nicht wirklich...Äh....vielleicht...aber nur ein bisschen...
Well, I completed my fourth dream avi, so here's my new one! ^^
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Screwed up quotes and inside jokes:
1.Mavu: "You'll live."
Me: "No, I won't! *Cries, stabs self* *Twitch, twitch* Maybe I will.... XD

2.T-shirt in Spencer's: "Love sucks. True love swallows."

3.Bjoern: "I'm not gay!"
Lucifer: "Yes, you are! I'm not letting you out of this closet until you come out of the closet!"

4. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but who wants to date a fish?

5. Bjoern: "What's a testical??"
Harley: "This." *Grabs Bjoern*
Bjoern: "OHH!! So THAT'S what that word means!! O.O;;"

6. Muraki: "Guess who." *Covers Bjoern's eyes*
Bjoern: "WHO?! WHO?!"
Muraki: *Rapes Bjoern*
Bjoern: O.o; o.O; "Oh....Hi Muraki!" *Smiles*

7. Bjoern: "Stop being sarcasmistic and give me a more specialific meaning!!!"

8. Bjoern: "Teach me Yapanese, Kazu-kun!" ^^

9. Bjoern: Stop making fun of me, Muraki! It's not my fault I can't say....that letter! *Motions the shape of a "J"* It's not like you can say the 'L!" Say LION!
Muraki: Lion.
Bjoern: *Pouts* IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!
Muraki: What did you expect me to say....Ryan?
Bjoern: YES! *Cwies*

Me: I finally bought Brokeback Mountain! I can't wait to watch it!!
Risa: What?! Who let you buy that! You're 16!
Me: What....all they do is kiss...right?
Risa: They ********!!!

11. "I wouldn't suggest going to a nude beach...It's not a very fun place to play volleyball....." ~My Life Planning teacher, Mrs. M-Gebo.

12. My German teacher, Herr Martin: "CAKE OR DEATH! .... Cake, please!" "I'd like on apathy, please!" "Who's your children, yo?!" "REBEKAH!!! Your voicicals.....!!!" (Voicicals=voice box) "Turn on the lights....I'm scary!!"

13. This quote started with something that came from Nekocon... Everyone received a fake cucumber. When someone asked what it was for, they said, "Ask the yaoi panel." A cucumber has never been the same....On to the quote:
"Why don't you just go get a cucumber, then!"
"No! Cucumbers are icky! They're bumpy, and...AND! Maybe they have STDs..... Oh! I know! We can start calling STDs something else....CDs!!!!! You know, Cucumber Disease!!"
"No! Not CDs!!"
"I hope you don't go out and get any CDs soon....." o.O;

14. I less than three you! (For those of you who don't get it, it's for people who say I .>.... i mean it really
Me: Yes, special as in different and unique; quite set off from the rest of the world of the norm in her own home that rests in her mind of insanity.
Risa: You do know your talking about most us don't you
Me: But of course I know that, m'dear! And would that be so wrong to associate with those in which exist in the same level as myself? I should hope to think not. (I feel like I'm in a slightly modern version of Shakespear.)
Risa: Lol you kinda sound like it... but yea it's normal seeing as all my friends are like that.... even my new ones...>.>
Me: But aren't those only the kinds of friends to have? The ones that stick with you with their own sense of individuality that meshes so well with one's own.
Risa: Yep this is so true
Me: I need to get out of this "Shakespearian mode." It's really all rather awkward... Does my form of speech shock you and make you want to indulge in something read only by those who are in honors English or prefer to read Old English? As for myself, I'd like to partake in the orgasmic chocolate that is Lindt. Unfortunately, I have none for the time being.

19. "Johnny was a chemist's son,
But Johnny is no more.
What Johnny thought was H20
Was H2SO4." -thinkgeek.com

20. Becca: Guess what today is!!
Mavu: *Presses imaginary button and makes rewinding sounds*
Becca: Guess what today is!!

21. Lindt chocolate=Orgasm in a wrapper

22. When having an intellectual conversation and disscussing the wristband that said, "Some call it stalking, I call it love," I remembered another phrase from Hot Topic. This phrase was, "I put the laughter in slaughter." I told my friend that another friend of mine owned the shirt. He commented, "If she put the laughter in slaughter, then I put the fiend in friend." ~Katsuhaiabi

23. Don't eat Rosiel's version of frosted flakes.... >< *Twitch, twitch*

24. Hono: MAVU! Your skirt isn't tied right! Let me fix it. Stand up!
Mavu: No! I'm not getting up...
Hono: But I'm the fashion police... Stand up!
Mavu: Then arrest me! I'm not moving.

25. Now, as for the story.. I was closing at work, and I was in the middle of changing the trash. The room I was in is locked from the outside, and not many people have the keys. Therefore, you usually hear a knock at the door or jingle of keys before someone enters. However, I didn't hear the jingle and I was in front of the door. Domenic, the owner of the store, swung the door wide open, almost hitting me. I made a strange "yelping" noise, if you will, and he replied (and I quote) with, "God dang, girl! I'm not trying to be ignorant, but I thought I hit a DOG or something!!" >< I suppose that makes me a dog now..??

26. Me: Herr martin, how did you come up with "voicicals," anyway?
Herr Martin: Well, I was thinking of the word testicles. It just came out. I thought it sounded right. You know, testicles, voicicals...

27. Protect Uranus; you saw how hard Pluto got ********.

28. Oh, the joy of ranting about nothing in particular:
Becka: Don't roll your emoticon eyes at me, Little Missy.
Becca: Um, aren't I older than you?
Becka: Um, I said "Little" not "Young". Even though, truth be told, "little" doesn't quite fit either. Well, on the other hand, it would be fitting for an adjective for you if I was referring to your width rather than your height. And at yet another end of the spectrum, I'm just pulling stuff out of my rear end, for I have nothing better to do than come up with adjectives that are rather pointless. And, in addition to that, your name isn't Missy. In the end, perhaps I was talking to someone in the corner of my imagination. Maybe she was named "Missy," and she could have been rather "little".

29. For those of you who don't know, my "characters" are not multiple personalities.... I was trying to explain it to someone who I thought would have already created his OWN characters. In any event, I don't feel like putting the whole thing, but here's part of the conversation:
"So, what? Do you just go up to people and say 'Hi, I'm Bjoern and I have two kids named Lysendriel and Rrarg.'?"
(Most of you won't understand this.....) Oh, and Lsyendriel, Bjoern was explaining how his kids were named Sheenra and Sheena, but Sheena got angry and said, "My name's not Sheena! It's LYSENDRIEL!" She was very much like "Rargh" which is where he got that.... ><

30. "I don't even know what that means!"

31. "What's Valentine's Day? OH! You mean Single's Awareness Day!"

32. Whilst eating Chicken Alfredo with my grandmother, I was asked, "Is Alfredo your boss, dear?"

33. I never did like the term "therapist". I mean, put a space between the "E" and the "R", and. . . you see why I don't like it. ~Dr. Awkward

34. Bjoern: *Sticks tongue out at you*

Lucifer:*grabs Bjoern's tongue* I broke Mika of that nasty habit, and YOU are next!

*Opens eyes widely; gets on all fours* I love you....

Lucifer:.... Not what I expected, but better than sticking out your tongue. *evil griin that hints at terrible thoughts running across his mind*

Does that smile mean you wont hurt my tongue? *Pleads with his watery, puppy dog eyes*

...Maybe.... *grin widens*

I'll do anything, just don't hurt my tongue~! >< *Cries*

You'll do anything? *an abnormally large amount of emphasis on "anything"*

O.o; *Nods with uncertainty*
Well, you are already on all fours... *grin spreads completely from ear to ear*

*Whimpers* How about I just eat a popsicle instead?

Oh, you'll definetely be eating a popsicle.

What flavor?

It depends on what flavor you think I am! *laughs evilly*

35. Me: Speaking of Jews, what makes you think I am a crypto-Jew?

Katsu: I have no idea. On a totally unrelated note, isn't your name Rebekah Passover lamb~?

Me: Sarcasm is often frowned upon by society - when not used in moderation.

Katsu: I beg your pardon.
Ha ha, I love you, dear~!

36. Herr Martin: You know what you could do if teaching doesn't work out for you?
Me: What?
Herr Martin: You could be one of those people that say the really fast things at the end of commercials.

37. Michelle to Drama instructor: You're like the fertilizer to my grass!
Jen: Wow...she just called her s**t and complimented her at the same time.

38. Engel: Bjoern, you're really annoying me; shut up or I'm going to rip off your scrotum.
Bjoern: *Eye twitch* What's a scrotum?
Engel: Something that would be very painful to have removed.

39. That's even gayer than I am~!

40. "Your profession is to be a d**k head. All you have to do is make sure your head is a d**k and that it's attached to your neck." ~Patch Adams, played by Robin William

41. Slinkies = Sex

42. In the words of Dwight from the T.V. program, The Office:
*Moves hand down* Un-shun
*Moves hand up* Re-shun

43. "And it wasn't a disgruntled employee... Everyone here is very...gruntled..." - Michael, The Office

44. "...Another way of describing an extreme state of tiredness is fatigueness. "Fatigue" begins with the same consonant as "fun"; so I just think of being fatigued as having fun. Also, the last letter of "fatigue" is the first letter of "enjoyment". On the other hand, the first three letters of "fatigue" are also the first three letters of "fatal", so sleep deprivation is enjoyable, life threatening fun!" ~Colin

45. Here are some more of my favourite quotes by Herr Martin:
I knocked myself the sneeze out!
I'll be back. I have to unretain water.
That's so flamingo!
I'd like one apathy, please!
Go in pieces.
Green eggs, ham, and jam

46. *Apple and orange present*
Then it turns out that the potato is a closet homosexual, and he's like, "Well, you guys are just....a couple of fruits....to me!"

And then the government comes and says, "Hey! Hey potato! You! Can't! DO that! Gay potatoes cannot get married!"

47. Engel: [Sarcastically]....where did that gerbil come from....? Oh, that's right~!

48. More Herr Martinisms:
Seriously, don't do that. You're gonna' bust your face.
Green apples, ham, and jam
I wanna' buy one of those big small houses.
Wilkommen zu Schmutizige Pimmels. Moechten Sie dein Wasser mit oder ohne STDs?*
*Welcome to Dirty Penises/Dicks. Would you like your water with or without STDs? (Dirty Dicks is a restaurant in North Carolina.)

49. Geeks are smart, studios people with friends and social lives outside of the Internet (no, "Dungeons and Dragons" doesn't count). Nerds, on the other hand, would be lucky if they could find people willing to play D&D with them. They are lonely, slightly repulsive, yet sometimes intellectual people. ~Katsu

50. Do you like to agree to disagree and conform to nonconformity?

51. Brenden: Becka over time --> Anime fan. Anime Character. Dies Anime Death of Depression.
Danny: No...that's incomplete! *Draws arrow back to start* Revived in sequel movie!

52. I equal mad power, and therefore am higher than the law in terms of strength and oppressive influence.

53. In the name of hope and love, prepare for a most extraordinarily massive punishment! ~ MegaTokyo

54. Screw them, and if you do, get tested! ~ Herr Martin

55. ...grief isn't wrong. There's such a thing as good grief. Ask Charlie Brown.
~ Michael (The Office)

56. Risa: Are you coming over? Because Becka demanded.
Ashley: Becka didn't demand, she said I wanted to. And Becka's will is law.

57. Vincent: I don't have an ego. It's high self-esteem!

58. *Sings to Transformers theme* Transgenders! More than meets the eye!

59. If you can't bother to take the time to type correctly, I can't bother to take the time to read what you type. ~Becca

60. Well, at least it's not like... "The History of Potato Skins". That would be much more boring. ~Becka

61. This world, when seen, dissolves, and when dissolved, is seen truly. The mind, when realized, dissolves, and when dissolved, is realized truly. I feel pain; we all do. I suffer; we all do. When one sees pain and suffering, and conversely, happiness, as part of a cycle as intrinsic to our minds as the seasons are to nature, the "bad", and "good" of these experiences dissolve, hence nothing bad can happen to me. ~My dear friend, Colin

Ashley: *helps up and dusts off*
Me: AH! DUST! *Sneezes*
Ashley: O.O *snot on face now*... ewwww
Me: Look! It's BLUE! *Giggles* And I thought snot was green and yellow...
Ashley: lol
Me: So that shows that showing school spirit at GB is just snotty! XD PUN!

Becka (me): Can I somehow be of help~?

Katsu: You are of help, whether you know it or not. Thanks for the offer, though. May I ask how you are~?

Me: I don't wish to discuss my current state of being. How's the weather?

Katsu: I'm so sorry to hear that. Any way I could help~? The weather is rather hot and bright. May I ask you the same~?

Me: My answers seem to repeat yours. "You are of help, whether you know it or not. Thanks for the offer, though." "The weather is rather hot and bright."

Katsu: I always knew you were good at finding recipes; but that's some good copypasta. I'm glad I'm of some help.

64. So I finally figured out how to type l33t:
"1'm 9unn@ 3@ ur 50u1 @nd ur int3rn@a1 0r9@n5!"

65. It's like you're in the middle of a really good movie, but you have to pause it to go to the restroom unless you want to wet your pants. You really don't want to wait to find out, but you have to. ~Becka

66. Now, this comment about myself made me wonder, "Should I be offended, or was that a compliment...?" :
Chelsey: Who needs men, when we've got Becka~?

67. According to Andrew, my co-worker, my new name is "Sir Beckalot."

68. According to Lindsey, my name is "Seme-chan." Also according to her, she was one day dressed "as manly as I feel". And I quote her, "Becka, look! I'm dressed as manly as you feel!"
(Why do the above three comments make me sound like a dyke? I'm a FEM! >< ...mostly...)

69. Here's a quote than I can say deserves this number:
"If homosexuality is a disease, let's all call in queer to work. 'Sorry, can't work today. Still queer.' " ~ An icon my friend found (It even has a rainbow background. ^^ )

70. Dealing with my schedule being out of whack, I had to figure out when I was working. When saying "sheet", I'm referring to the paper my new schedule is on.
Becka: Do you have the sheet?
Kent: I have a pillow case, but I don't have a sheet!
(Ha ha ha....pun... XD )

71. Me: What should I be for Halloween? (Note: 1st picture is of Mad Hatter costume, 2nd is Queen of Hearts, 3rd is Alice)
Mavu: The second one, I think. It just seems like it would suit you XD
Me: Really? Ashley said I'd be cute in the Alice one, and sexy in the Mad Hatter one. She didn't like the Queen of Hearts. She said to ask you for opinion.... XD
Mavu: I think that your attitude is JUST right for the queen of hearts ^.^ <333


(Thanks, Mavu...thanks a lot. XD )

72. Becka: I tend to like the characters that are created to be hated. *Pause* DUDE! I just slurred an alliteration and a rhyme in one line! That sounded AWESOME! >w<

Hoseki: *Talking to her daughter about what to play* I don't know. I just can't decide what to do. *Looks at her with helpless eyes* I need someone to decide for me.
Ilse: *Thinks for a moment, putting her finger to her lip* Umm... Dress up!
Hoseki: *Looks at his daughter with eyes that seem to have no one behind them* Daddy is the one who plays dress up.
(Note: The last comment refers to Christof. This is only funny if you know these characters.)

74. "The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese." ~Random fortune cookie fortune

75. While during the middle of role playing (RPing) out loud with my friend, Risa, a girl named Ashley got really confused. She ended up saying, "Can I have one?" Risa and I couldn't help but burst out laughing, because we know how long it takes to really develop a character.
Becka: Risa! Let's make charie (nickname for character) together!
Both: *Go into back part of hotel room*
Risa: *Yells* No! Becka, get off me!
Becka: *Straddling her* But we're making charie together! ><

76. "...but hard to have him around* (That was a subtle pun, by the way. "

77. ''All I wanted to do was look at porn, but then my computer got virtual AIDS.'' ~ Anonymous

Me: *Hugs* rhymes with *Shrugs*
Nisse: *Mugs*
Me: ?
Nisse: It rhymed with hugs and shrugs
Me: Oh. XD
Nisse: Except, I guess it isn't really all that nice to mug someone
Me: No, not at all. UNLESS! You mug a rich person who will get more money and donate what you stole to a charity. XD
Nisse:How does that work? Do they assign rich people to do that?
Me: XD No.
Nisse: "Ok, if you get mugged, you must give to charity. God is giving you a sign."
Me: No!
Nisse:Alright Alright
Me: The person who mugged them gives what they stole.
Nisse: Oh! Like Robin Hood!
Nisse: OH!
Me: XD

79. "You didn't tell me you had a birthday!"
Oh, the things that one can say when leaving out a word or two...

80. Arden's comment on Vin's proposal:
"I didn't know he had a heart somewhere other than his crotch."

81. Me: I'm still taking my sweet time with Twighlight (because it's out of my comfort zone, length wise) and More Anguished English (because I want to enjoy it). Also, A Spell for Chameleon was really interesting. You may not like it, though, because it's pure fantasy, rather than informational.

Katsu: Should I be insulted that you assume the Autistic kid prefers non-fiction; or should I be flattered that you know I prefer non-fiction~?

Me: Both. Ha ha. Just kidding. Perhaps you should be flattered that I pay that much attention to you. Then again, maybe you should be creeped out. ...I'll leave that up to your interpretation.

82. Me: I had a pure silver hair the other day. After that happened, I stopped taking my medication. I said, "F this S," and quit. Anyway, I see my doctor on Tuesday, so I'll go back on something else then...

Katsu: Mine actually makes you grow hair on the palm of your hand. Wait, I only wish it did. That would be cool.

83. If there's one running, I'll vote for a whore. If America's going to get screwed, it may as well be overseen by a professional. ~ Katsu's dad

84. "... Second, if I were to die, Becka would be captain. She's more of a man than you'll ever be; and more woman than you're gonna get." ~ Katsu (You have no idea how happy that made me.)

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> ------------------Girls--------------
> -----------are like apples------
> -------on trees. The best ones-----
> -----are at the top of the tree.-----
> ---The boys dont want to reach---
> --for the good ones because they--
> -r afraid of falling and getting hurt.-
> -Instead, they get the rotten apples-
> from the ground that arent as good,
> but easy. So the apples up top think
> something wrong w/ them when in
> -reality they're amazing. They just--
> ---have to wait for the right boy to
> ---- come along, the one who's-
> ----------- brave enough to-----
> ---------------climb all---------
> ---------------the way--------
> --------------to the top--------
> -------------of the tree.---------

Top 11 Reasons Gay Marriage is "Wrong" ...
1) Being gay is not natural. Real Americans always reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, and air conditioning.

2) Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay, in the same way that hanging around tall people will make you tall.

3) Gay marriage will change the foundation of society; we could never adapt to new social norms. Just like we haven't adapted to cars, the service-sector economy, or longer life spans.

4) Straight marriage has been around a long time and hasn't changed at all; women are still property, blacks still can't marry whites, and divorce is still illegal.

5) Straight marriage would be less meaningful if gay marriage were allowed; the sanctity of Britney Spears' 55-hour just-for-fun marriage would be destroyed.

6) Straight marriages are valid because they produce children. Gay couples, infertile couples, and old people shouldn't be allowed to marry because our orphanages aren't full yet, and the world needs more children.

7) Obviously gay parents will raise gay children, since straight parents only raise straight children.

8 ) Gay marriage is not supported by religion. In a theocracy like ours, the values of one religion are imposed on the entire country. Thats why we have only one religion in America.

9) Children can never succeed without a male and a female role model at home. That's why we as a society expressly forbid single parents to raise children.

10) Legalizing gay marriage will open the door to all kinds of crazy behavior. People may even wish to marry their pets because a dog has legal standing and can sign a marriage contract.

11) Gay couples are a harmful influence on their kids, because all gay couples abuse their kids, daily.


Check out these great guilds!

The Little Guild
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The Rammstein Guild! *Fan girl squeal* I have all seven of their albums; I have three DVDs with music videos, concert clips, interviews and more; and I've translated 45 of their songs!!!

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Alle meine Liebe ist für Doktor Muraki. Wait a minute...According to this quiz, I AM Muraki! Oh my God, I'm in love with MYSELF. O.O;;

User Image
Oh my God, that's true! GAS PRICES SUCK! XP

I love my pets! Yay for cats and bearded dragons! (FEF used to be so small!!)
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Couldn't we all use some calming in our lives?
By following simple advice heard on the Dr. Phil show, you too can find
inner peace.
Dr. Phil proclaimed, "The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all
the things you've started and never finished."
So, I looked around my house to see all the things I started and
>hadn't finished, and before leaving the house this morning, I finished off
a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of White Zinfandel, a bottle of Bailey's Irish
Cream, a bottle of Kahlua, a package of Oreos, the remainder of my old
Prozac prescription, the rest of the cheesecake, some Doritos and a box of
You have no idea how great I feel.
Share the inner peace.

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Love is love. Period.
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Show your pride.

Click here for witty, mind stimulating quotes.

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I love Till Lindemann. Er ist sexier als jemand in der Welt, wenn auch ich ein schwules Maedchen bin!

Like water through parched lips,
You return lost hope.
New blood courses through the veins;
May we all be grateful.
Those who know you forget grief,
May we all be grateful.
New blood courses through the veins;
You return lost hope,
Like water through parched lips.
~Dr. Awkward

Thank you, Katsu! I loved it. ^^

Please feed my mermaid!

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Don't forget to hug my other Knuffel!

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Feed me, and I'll bless your spirit:

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I think this is a perfect "Pet" for Engel:

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Who couldn't love a vampire~?

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Halloween, anyone~?

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Love for the Fairee!

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Another Fairee of loveliness:

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Zoh em gee! It's a butterfly!

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Feed a Kitsune~?

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Lovely in Lolita:

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Lolita Beauty:

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Males can be pretty, too!

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Gothic Lolita = Greatness

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The Beauty of a Geisha:

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Christmas time!

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And here is support for the King of the Knuffels:

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Lord Wuffel:

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How's this for Avi-Art~?
User Image
User Image
Doll custom made by Hono Kage

Engel as a child (Go here for a larger image)
User Image
~ Drawing by Inu ~

WWTD? ...What Would Till Do?

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From Jamal:
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From Katsu:
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