Hi! Well, My Tinierme name was icetwirl, I came here because tinierme closed down ( when it closed I was so sad and only now I considered making a gaia account ). Please don't yell at me of how noob-ey I am, I joined 1/6/13 which is still kind of new, but anyways, so after that I barely went on but now, months later, I'm thinking of actually putting effort into my account. So yes, my person looks noob-ey, but I am currently working really hard and earning gold to make it look less noobish.

Wooow, an about me that wasn't even about me o_o ok ok, don't worry I'll go talka bout myself now.
I like to read, especially mangas, I like sushi, I love candy whee , and yep! I'm really bad at making about-mes so the best way to get to know me is by actually talking to me.

Also, see that comments area on this profile? empty. If you want to change that you can by leaving a nice comment 3nodding