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Wish List plz donate!!! (pweese?)

Kottan Bell is SOO cute ;D

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i like this one :3

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Total Value: 161,350 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
G-LOL Dark Mistress Skirt heart
Bone Scythe heart
Nitemare Sash sweatdrop
Gothic Butterfly sweatdrop

This is what i might kidna look like. i'm not that pretty though x]

My dream dream dream avi(:

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Total Value: 826,560 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Purple GetaGRIP Gloves sweatdrop
Jenny's Mysterious Open-Toe Shoes sweatdrop
Gothic Veil sweatdrop
G-LOL Bruise Mistress Skirt sweatdrop
Gothic Butterfly sweatdrop
Gothic Butterfly sweatdrop
Hidden Ace 7th Gen. sweatdrop

Meh Store~~ Please Buy? :]

Hello! Please feel free to look around~ Hope you find something you like and thank you for your purchase! :]


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looooooooool i wish(:

Some Things You Might Wanna Know...

Hiii people~ Just to say, i don't gaia 24/7, just letting you know 3nodding
I'm just gonna put some information so you could know me a little
I heart all my awesome friends x]
i LOVE sweetz, wave boarding, making cookies, computers, making designs, and lots of other stuff... xb
I love the colors bluee, black, and gray.
[I'm starting to like dark red and black biggrin ]
I'm random and hyper, sometimes calm and shy, sometimes moody and ya don't try to hate me please biggrin [guess i'm...bipolar? O_o]
i live somewhere in America....somewhere..... sweatdrop
I'm part japanese and thai :]
I heart MUSIC! Crossfade, Fort Minor, Evanescense, Jack Johnson , Linkin Park, and MUCH MORE!!! heart
i laugh a lot i love funny stuff(:
i hate gross and scaries movies that are disgusting.
Feel free to donate to me! biggrin I'd love to add you as a friend! Well if you aren't some stalker or some scary person....
My names Alisa and I'm currently 13 years old :]
and i think i have some memory problems so if i added you and i cant remember you i'm so sorry crying
and I wanna change my name so can you guys help me please? :]
something along the lines of:
-The Sky
-Dark Red&Black
-Day and things like that THANKS(:

Comments if u wanna~

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Black Star 3110 Report | 03/17/2010 2:55 pm
Black Star 3110
i will
-pandas-pancakes- Report | 03/04/2010 8:23 pm
thx and i probally will
FAVRIT f l u f f Report | 03/02/2010 10:05 pm
FAVRIT f l u f f
i dun kno >o<
steph has alotta things i want too~ xD
tiramisuu Report | 03/01/2010 9:57 pm
Minee! >D
FAVRIT f l u f f Report | 03/01/2010 9:01 pm
FAVRIT f l u f f
o :
i bought it? c :
i can get one for you if you want, but it's gunna take me a while : D
tiramisuu Report | 02/28/2010 6:24 pm
Thank you. >w<
Apprently I just changed it. ;D
That always happenes when someone tells me tat. c:
yundere Report | 02/22/2010 10:34 pm
Thank you <3
xXsmurfsrule619Xx Report | 01/30/2010 11:25 am
oh thank you for the happy birthday User Image no one ever does that for me.... User Image
cRaYoNs On FiRe Report | 01/28/2010 4:59 pm
cRaYoNs On FiRe
thanx :3 i like yours too smile
df5re Report | 12/27/2009 1:51 pm
thank u >.<

something intresting that brian sended me...see if u wanna

What does your name mean? Put it in you profile!
A-is really sweet
B-loves people
C-good kisser
D-makes people laugh
E-has gorgeous eyes
F-people wild and crazy adores u
G-very out going
H-easy to fall in love with
I-loves to laugh/smile
K-really silly
L-smile to die for
M-makes dating fun
N-can kick the s**t outta u!!
O-has one of the best personalities ever!!
P-Popular with all types of people
R-Good boy/girlfriend
T-Very good kisser
U-Is very sexual
V-Not judgmental
W-Very bored minded
X-Never let people what to do
y-Is loved by everyone
Z-Can be funny/dumb at times

Thinking of changing the name....any ideas?

Donate Please!! D: