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Last Login: 01/02/2010 5:45 am

Registered: 04/26/2007

Gender: Female

Birthday: 12/28/1993

ILU. <3

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About Miko (Who cares.)

I'm a nice person, and if you don't think so...
You can go ******** kiss my...
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Gwee the dragon. D;

Wow, I must've been bored. xD
Want avi art? Ask. I only do stuff for my friends. If I don't know you, ******** off. Kthx.
If you want to be my friend after reading this, too bad. I don't want to be your friend just because you want free avi art. D;
I would like to get gold. Though, whatever. I would like at least 2k if I color it and everything. I dunno. I think it depends what you think it's worth. ^^;
I might say no to you. I have the right of refusal. Don't deny me of it. :3
This is my art site, I like drawing on there. Not all of it is my art. My username is Demonic~Kitty because I suck.

Waiting list (three at a time plz.)
Deadly Toast
Fire User - (Couch: Fire User, IceChii, chiiang3l, Uchiha Dawn.)

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Stalkers >.>;

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Captain-Ryan Report | 12/28/2009 8:00 am
Happy Birthday.
Geneivev400 Report | 01/17/2009 5:01 am
Belated happy b-deh my new acc...

iiRaspberry_Torteii User Image
Ixtili Report | 12/28/2008 8:15 am
Moo moo Happy B-day!~~~~
p o c k e t f u l Report | 12/27/2008 6:31 pm
p o c k e t f u l
Happy Birthday. <3
Captain-Ryan Report | 11/27/2008 6:17 am
Jeez Chi, I haven't talked to you since that one time in rally, you had that new name I think, and you said you had remembered me. I think that was you, I meant to add I think but forgot to. DX I don't remember it.

If you ever sign on this one again, then tell me your newer name! That is if you still get on here or if you DID make a new name.

I h8 lozing fwends. DDDDX
Yamichika Report | 11/19/2008 4:22 pm
I love your playlist ^^
Geneivev400 Report | 11/13/2008 4:14 am
hi CHii

add my new account ^_^

miss u much asin!

_nachey_3000-my new account ^_^
Swordust Report | 09/08/2008 12:32 pm
WAIT, I misread that. I was gonna say... xD
Swordust Report | 09/08/2008 12:31 pm
ROFL. I'm just surprised by the fact that he has a Gaia acct. O:
damein66 Report | 07/20/2008 2:16 pm
i saw j00 with your friends in the gaia chuck norris randomness video on youtube xD


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