One of the Seven Deadly Sins

"One kiss from me, then you'll forever belong to me."

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Rule the World

Kadaj is bringin sexy back!!!!!!


Inuysaha falling inside the black

Goddess of the Ocean
Goddess of Venus
Musketeer of God
Queen of the Ice Worlds
Terra Kalami Araida Satuda

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A girl with a bit of a troubled past it seems. Her true past is but a blur to her mind. But what she does know, she is thankful for.

Kassy (Kasazonaleesatuda) is her half younger sister, her mother is Kat who had died early in their life. The father of Kalami though is Gabriele. When Kat was killed, Kalami's icy blue eyes had witnessed the murder. Her mind went into shock at that horrible night. Micheal and Gabriele had parted kassy and kalami; kassy lived a life of surviving and living with the Death Goddess (Ishina) as Kalami was dropped off in the hands of Kanna and Kaline (Life Goddess).
Kalami now in present time has good friends that will stay by her side, along with Kanna and Kaline, and others that know her.

Valkyrie of Life
Angel of Storm

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"I have many friends of which I hold very close to me. I am a difficult girl to deal with most of the time. What can I say? It's natural, I can't help it."
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[Eyes]: Blue (change shade with mood)
[Hair]: Short black and white stripes
[Height]: 5'1
[Weight]: 115lbs
[Race]: Angel (Valkyrie)
[Forms]: Valkyrie, Goddess, Human, Animal, Hybrid, Sin, Vampire, Elf, Elemental (water)
[Class]: Ninja, Warrior, Caster, Healer
[Elements]: Water/Ice, Life(main)
Thunder/Lightening (secondary)
[Abilities/Skills]: Skilled at picking both locks and pockets, manipulate the weather,
[Animal-Familiar]: White Tiger- Midnight

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Me- Ninja

Elemental Form
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Kassy- younger sister.
Her elements are fire and time.
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Tokini- but her hair changes colors.
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]Severyn- boyfriend
Forever together, Our love will grow
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Troublesome4- Tokini, Kassy, Sheira, and Me

Three Musketeers
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Kalami, Kassy, Tokini

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Terrina is the alter-ego of Kalami. She comes out when Kalami loses control of herself.

long, black and white with blonde tips.


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My Thoughts, My Life, My Story

My journal contains my thoughts on things, and stories of my life and other things inwhich i decide to add. Anything that I wish to add


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Mistress Mimiko Report | 11/30/2009 10:57 am
Heya Kalami!
what's up? haven't talked to you in ages! lol XD
Evangeline Eve Report | 11/28/2009 7:02 am
you're kool take your time haha i know you dont have the web and all that haha

^w^ im doing good lol trying to get a job and what not -_- its a pain. haha
how are you? and lil Serene?
Shyna_chan Report | 09/10/2009 9:21 am
Hi kally!!{/color]
Evangeline Eve Report | 09/10/2009 7:32 am
hahaha ^w^ ello! lol
Tokini Lonna Report | 09/09/2009 10:00 am

Yeah for Victoria's secret, it seemed to have gone good, i'm just hoping that I might get the nerve racking *sighs* lol
Tokini Lonna Report | 09/09/2009 9:07 am
hahahah totally XD
Tokini Lonna Report | 09/09/2009 8:58 am
*gasp* my gosh your on !!! O.o lolz
Leta Tokaji Report | 08/10/2009 11:35 am
Hey Kal, how are you doing
Evangeline Eve Report | 08/09/2009 7:12 am
yeah it sucks ive been trying all summer. -___-;

awwwz!!! ^w^ sounds like fun haha good to hear that shes doing well i got to see some pics last time Ali was in town haha shes soo cute!!
Tokini Lonna Report | 08/08/2009 4:01 pm
here's the new ff game i was talking about


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