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My life =]

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Baby, you amaze me. <3

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If I didn't have you, I wouldn't have a heart. :*

I'm Mandy. I love to dance and sing. My favorite colors are the rainbow. I don't hate anyone. I believe life is a beautiful gift god gave us. I have plenty of friends,I have a boyfriend his name is Andrew Austin. <3 It's been since February 7th 2011 you stole my heart. <3 I'm hoping we can work things out because you mean sooo much to me! :] If you want to know anything else message me, I'm barely on so you might not get a quick response but ill try!
I'd do anything to hold you.
I'd go anywhere to touch you.
I'd do anything, you want me too, if you'll just stay with me awhile..

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I will never forget that day when I was extremely worried about you making it through life. My heart was pounding, but most of all I couldn't wait to hold you. When you came home I was so happy to tell everyone you were my little sister. It was hard getting through Mckaila's death but I imagine her looking just like you. At first I thought you were going to ruin my life. But now I realize that you are what makes me happy and you always will. Yes you get annoying and sometimes I wish things I shouldn't but you are my little sister and I have to make sure nothing ever happens to you. Its my job in life and soon I hope you will be able to thank me for it. You are getting so big baby girl and I'm happy to see you grow. Soon your little hands won't fit in mine anymore :[ You should always know there will be a open spot for you in my heart, and that's where you will stay! <3 I love you with all my heart baby girl! =) Love, Your big sister Mandy! <33

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Mandyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is my ladyy(:
Oh my goodness, where in the world am I? Ohhh I think.. no I know! I am on the fantabulous MANDY's PROFILE<3 I love this chica with all I've got! How in the world could I not? She has been through it all with me. Boyfriends and break-ups. Crushes and drama. It's all much better when its with the amazing, indescribable did I mention amazing chica!! I could go on and on about this girl but it would take too long and my hands would cramp so badly that I wouldn't get to talk to her! Haha. Mandy, don't let anyone tell you different: You are beautiful, amazing and super sweet. Everyone who is anyone can rely on you because you will ALWAYS be there for someone when they need you(: Especially me! Because if you weren't, I think I would have to beat you down(: Hahah jk. But chica I freaking love you! Haha I think I already said that once or twice but now the world knows!! =] I am never leaving your side. Were like two freaking peas in a pod. Haha. Yes, thats right, I said "freaking peas." Rawr. Heehee. I am going to shut up for now (: But always remember MandyGal, I LOVE YOUUUU!!!
Sisters Forever(:
~Britty (ii-NeverShoutBritty)

To my love! ♫♂if kisses were like water i would give you an ocean,if hugs were like leaves id give a tree,if life was a planet id give you a galaxy...If I could I would give you the world! There's nothing, there's no one else, its only you i see. its hard to tell whats better, a perfect dream or you and me<3 <3 I could care less what people think of us, rather could I care what they say. In my mind they are haters that have no life but to worry about what other people are doing. I know I'm not the best you could get, but I try hard to show you I at least try. No I'm not perfect, I think we both know that. Sometimes we get in fights. Over stupid things too. But it comes to a end where we both say "I love you!". You make me smile more then I have before. If I never met you I wouldn't be the happy person I am today. You complete me in so many ways. There's no way to explain my love for you. But I think you know I do =) ill always be there if you need me!! -Mandy


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♥Mandygrl Babey♥

Mandy : ]


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Dancing is my world<3
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Stalking muchh?? xD


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