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Name:Anthony Stark
Faction: Shield
Bio: Anthony Stark is a wealthy industrialist and genius inventor who created military weapons and whose metal suit is laden with technological devices that enable him to fight crime.
He was an inventor, an adventurer, a multi-billionaire, a ladies' man and finally a nutcase".
Anthony Stark was born on Long Island, the son of Howard Stark, a wealthy industrialist and head of Stark Industries, and Maria Stark. Tony is a boy genius, entering MIT at the age of 15 to study electrical engineering, and graduating at the top of his class. After his parents' accidental death in a car crash, he inherits his father's company.
hile observing the effects of his experimental technologies on the American war effort, Stark is injured by a booby trap and captured by the enemy, who then orders him to design weapons for them. However, Stark's injuries are dire and shrapnel in his chest threatens to pierce his heart. His fellow prisoner, Ho Yinsen, a physicist whose work Stark had greatly admired during college, constructs a magnetic chest plate to keep the shrapnel from reaching Stark's heart, keeping him alive. Stark uses the workshop to design and construct in secret a suit of powered armor. Stark uses the armor to escape, although Yinsen dies during the attempt. Stark takes revenge on his kidnappers, then heads back to rejoin the American forces. Along the way he meets a wounded American Marine Corps helicopter pilot, James "Rhodey" Rhodes.
Back home, Stark discovers the shrapnel lodged in his chest cannot be removed without killing him, and he is forced to wear the armor's chestplate beneath his clothes to act as a regulator for his heart. He must also recharge the chestplate every day or else risk the shrapnel killing him. The cover for Iron Man is that he is Stark's bodyguard and corporate mascot. To that end, Iron Man fights threats to his company, Communism opponents such as the Black Widow, the Crimson Dynamo and the Titanium Man as well as independent villains like the Mandarin. No one suspects Stark of being Iron Man as he cultivates an image as a rich playboy and industrialist. Two notable members of Stark's supporting cast at this point are his personal chauffeur Harold "Happy" Hogan and secretary Virginia "Pepper" Potts, to both of whom he eventually reveals his dual identity. Meanwhile, James Rhodes would find his own niche as Stark's personal pilot of extraordinary skill and daring.Eventually, Stark's heart condition is discovered by the public and cured with an artificial heart transplant. However, Stark also develops a serious dependency on alcohol. The first time it becomes a problem is when Stark discovers that the national security agency S.H.I.E.L.D. has been buying a controlling interest in his company in order to ensure Stark's continued weapons development for them. At the same time, Stark's business rival Justin Hammer hires several supervillains to attack Stark. At one point, the Iron Man armor is even taken over and used to murder a diplomat. Although Iron Man is not immediately under suspicion, Stark is forced to hand the armor over to the authorities. Eventually Stark and Rhodes, who is now his personal pilot and confidant, track down and defeat those responsible, although Hammer would return to bedevil Stark again. With the support of his then-girlfriend, Bethany Cabe, his friends and his employees, Stark pulls through these crises and overcomes his dependency on alcohol.


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Mark VI suit stats:

Created by Tony Stark after he made a better arc reactor, the Mark VI is designed to be powered by vibranium, rather than palladium. Made using the same gold titanium alloy as the other suits.

The Largest Difference between the Mark VI and the older armors is the new (more powerful) Vibranium Core Arc Reactor, which provides as much power if not more in a slightly smaller reactor, allowing room for more improvements.

The armor was able to absorb a great amount of fellow Avenger Thor Odinson's lightning; and proved powerful enough to go toe to toe with him. The armor is incredibly durable, sustaining little damage in conflict with Thor, and then heavy damage from a Helicarrier propellor.

Weapon Systems:


he Mark VI retains Iron Man's signature Repulsors in the hands and feet, with the hands used as weapons and feet used as propulsion. It is shown that repulsors are more powerful than the ones on the earlier models, but presumably it is due to the higher output of the new ARC reactor. Because of the new Repulsors he can also fly faster than normal. The new and improved repulsors were proven highly effective against Hammer Drones, and packed a big enough punch to greatly stun Thor with even a blow to his armored chest.

Laser Weapons:

The Mark VI displayed a pair of one-use lasers that could be used to cut anything with even the briefest contact, regardless of what it was. they are mounted and fired from the handplates of the suit. These could be chemical due to the nature of the small devices that were ejected from the suit's gauntlet's upon usage.

Munition Pods:

The Mark VI uses the same munition pods as the Mark III, mounted in the shoulders. These have no differences from earlier armors.

Mini Missiles:

The Mark 6 holds an arm-mounted, armor piercing wrist rocket, an evolved version of the arm-mounted missile launcher on the Mark III. The armor also holds eight pods of propelled grenades in each arm. They were shown to have great effect, as only three small missiles could critically destroy a Hammer Drone. In the upper left shoulder of the armor is three heavy duty missiles as well, but have not been seen put to use.

Other Weapons:

Mark VI also possesses a Uni-beam (all direction beam) , the hips are equiped with flare pods that allow mark VI to evade heat seeking missiles.The flares can also be used as a weapons or distractions.

The physical armor itself is a formidable weapon on it's own due to it's extreme level of strength and durability.


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OkayIGotIt Report | 12/12/2012 5:36 pm
No0o0o0o0o plz don't quit dude D:
OkayIGotIt Report | 10/29/2012 5:43 pm
Hey, when you get back on, I wanted to tell you about that old Super Carrier Project. I took over while you were gone, and I think you'll like what happened. Check out the GCF " Olympus" Super Carrier.
OkayIGotIt Report | 10/02/2012 5:15 pm
-Commits Sucide- X.X
OkayIGotIt Report | 10/02/2012 5:03 pm
Yo mama's like a gun 2 cocks and she's loaded BAM
OkayIGotIt Report | 10/02/2012 4:48 pm
OkayIGotIt Report | 10/02/2012 4:43 pm
Sucks. sad ALright I get yeah *****. Looks like we be rollin' with Stark Industries now. Lul.
OkayIGotIt Report | 10/02/2012 4:40 pm
WUT? Bro. One of the many reasons I hcnaged my old UNSC guild was because I realized I was loving Halo the way it was ment to be. All becuase of that guild. So I chnaged it to something way more bad a** {GCF} and now when I play or read Halo I enjoy it the way it was ment to be made:For it's awesome and bad a** epic story, and fun gameplay. biggrin But still, UNSC Man, can't motha ********' give up on UNSC. But kk fine. Maybe I'll be Samul L Jackson Nick Furry.
OkayIGotIt Report | 10/02/2012 4:32 pm
Inivte me back to UNSC then *****, den I will promote you back to VC in GCF.
Oh and you did'nt see the vid I send you? It was a Avengers paradoy. Stark Industries is called "tony Stark's house of ribs". And hulk beats him up for annoyign him "HULK! -PUNCHES- NO WANT RIBS!-PUNCHES-"
OkayIGotIt Report | 10/02/2012 4:21 pm
Did you watch the video though? It was an Aengers spoof. The misison was to take your hero sqaud and go to Tony Stark's houe of ribs. xDDD
Anyway, Yeah becuase you pissed me off first. And I thought that guild belonged to Stark. And you forget i'm part of IC also. And lastly, I already inivted you back into GCF. So why are you still pissed?
OkayIGotIt Report | 10/02/2012 4:13 pm
Stark! I have orders from Commander Nick Furry , from S.H.I.E.L.D.
Hurry and check this out, for your next mission's orders!
[y u remove me 4 guildz dood?]


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