Hello.This is Blub. i, Blub

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About Meh:
Name: iBlub
Nikki[Nayme]: Blubbeh
[4]Weel Name: A[p]r{i}l
Age: In the mid-millions
Gender: I awr [Fe]Male

Fave word: Lawl/Shmoofla/Zomg/Moo <<33
Drink: Caramel Frapachino
Song: Everyday, Clothes Off, Bubbly, Another Dance Anthem
Candy: Any candii w/ caramel
Book[s]: Twilight series
Prii[Tend] Food: Barfmellows
Fayce: :]

[Likes]: I'd die w/o random comments and PM's. So gimme. I Luff cheese. Ask everyone I know. Yah, you couldnt beat me at thut :] [Proud to say] Zomg! Okay I alzo <3 acting wierd/crazy! Its sooo fun :](especially when it irritates peepl) LawL. Hmm. I adore pixlels. So fantabulous XD I am officially addicted to cows. I like YouTube. Annoying Ppl is sooo funneh/fun. Ohh, I lurve HSM, HSM2!! Awesum stuff: printed tees, video games, pirates, cows and yeah. Friends are the BeSt! Yah I tend to doo random stuff...sont take it personallii <3 I like to listen to punk rockish songs. Probably right now, my bad is Fall out boi. I absolutely love starbucks, especially The Caramel Frapachino. RiGhT oN! Right now, Im totally into shopping X] YeAh. Uhm I dont accept random requests unless...your nice. 0_o Stop the hate. Live in CheEsE.

[Dis]Likes: The things I hayte the most awr rotten cheese bean bags. Uhm I dont like beggers, but I dont get much because Im not rich! HAHA *tear *tear. Hmm... I also hate hackers, stealers and boring pepol. Yoo makes me so sleepy :[ Im really REALLY scared of noobs. I dont like going to the mall and not buying AnYtHiNg! It makes me grouchii XO I HATE slow internet! I dont like math. Its...not for me. One more thing: DONT COPY MY AVII [OR ELSE.] ZOMG! I hate noobs who PrEtEnD you are MODS but just want my account. Okay, thats it. Bite the rainbow.

Kay so if you didnt know bai now, my account WAS iBlob but they banned me for life. ;{

Important Noosh:
-Friends List
-it doesnt go in any particular order
-everyone on it are my BBF's
-it doesnt mattur what place you are in, everyone ish thee sayme :]

Ayee eat people. Be[Ware] :3

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Band: Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes
Color: Pink, Light Blue, Black
Shape: Circle
Mood: Casper 0_0 Lawl uhm... Happeh
Person: .....no comment.....
Gaia friends: iMiimii, FUNKY SUSHii, C A R A M E L O, Imaginary Rainforrest
Reel[Lyfe] Friends: KrAzY_C o o k i e s, jELLO SQUiRTiNG N i N j A, Momoshi_x, AznEmoGurl72, klseals, kitty_katalina, Chococat321_, and lotz moore XD

Btw: I Luv random and weird comments/pms so gimme? o_O

Imma RoCkStAr! (Or at least I want to be *tear)

Help??!!... I need all my stuff from my old account

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I accept anything you'd like to give me!

Now Questing:
Superior Form

^^KrAzY_C o o k i e s
^^C A R A M E L O

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Meh Lyfee

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I shall write about my life [personally gaianlife] and yah. Such ash friends, goals, and stuffies. Feel free to read. All though it will probably be boring X]



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no not alerts preferences

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do u want to edit ur pro what u do is go to alerts and ur pro is on classic change it to current k trying to help edit ur pro
juicy couture ribbons

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juicy couture ribbons

juicy couture ribbons

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juicy couture ribbons

ily ...<3

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you're avvie is sooo hawt!! lol
x  i B u b b l e  x

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x i B u b b l e x

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juicy couture ribbons

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juicy couture ribbons

ILY !!

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Not Drunk

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Not Drunk

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fine, well its doing ok


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