~The Empty Spaces In Between Your Fingures Is
Where Mine Are Suppose to be~

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Taken By Me(;



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The Names Alexa(:
RockinYurBed; January 2nd
Single [♥] Taken [ ]
Colors: Purple,Red && Black
Soo. Let Me tell you a little About myself
Been Looking for a special someone
so it could be you (;
Missing My Family in Oakland California
Looking Forward To moving down there From
Seattle Washington
Summers been Great so far
~Party All Night Sleep in All Day~
i guess thats all i gotta say
If You wanna get to know me
im Always here.

Dedicating This To you

His name is Vic(:
Yes i love him He's My Best Friend Lover
i want to start off by saying...Thank You!
Your Always there and Always have been, we had a Few
Bumps But we managed to get through it(:
You and i have known each other for so long in our Noob Days
From this day on i hope i will always know u
For the Rest Of my Life
U Can Always Count on me whenever u need me
we've had our laughs and great times. And Hope To Have more
Vic! Your Soo Awesome thanks for helping
me in my Time of need
Dont Ever Forget our Flying Squirrel Harry Para Testicles
Your A Really Great Guy and i want you to know
How much u mean to me. You always seem to but a smile on my
face whenever i talk to u, Your weird, Funny, Amazingly cute(:,
Nice and sweet. No Matter what happens...
i will Forever and Always ♥ Love you ♥
and guess what im under your bed;]
Be Happy¤ Look Pretty ¤ Stay Cool ! July14.2011
~ Love You Vic-ssstter ~


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