-almost 14
-loves music
-taken by the most amazing boy ever :]

eh ask more later :]

so this boy, i call my boyfriend.
i love him.
infact, so amazing.
that i have NO idea what to write about him.
i shouldnt have to write.
i love him so.
hes mine. you dont get to see him =P

on about him

hes perfect, so it seems.
i couldnt want more than him.
yeah. he has A.D.D. so WHAT
i love him..alot.
i would die for him..honestly.
uhm. his name is nate<3
he lives far away.. =[
but hes cute ^_^
hes mine <3
hes nice && caring :]]]
hes so amazing.
he has a gaia. i dunno if i give it to you.
hes mine<3
and im proud too.
people make fun of him for having A.D.D.
i dont get the point of that, he can't help it...
but i <3 him sooooooooo much.
i dream about this boyyyy.
he makes me, honestly smile.
you can't have him. i said so.
he means the world to me.

today. it kind of hurt.
my friend asked why he was crying. and then said i broke up with him.
i was like no. so that kind of hurt </3
i love this boy. i wouldnt break up with him, unless their was a gun pointed at me. hes funnn.

i <3 you baby :]


*kiss* *kiss*