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I'm in a band...My favorite bands are necros MDC and anti-flag

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generic root beer Report | 07/14/2011 7:12 pm
generic root beer
lmao he already got one a few weeks ago so yeah hes probably about due for another one
i'd go deliver him a can of whoop a** personally but i think he'd like it :C LOL

thanks!! i go my own way, when i was a kid all i wanted was for people to accept me, now i just go nuts. i wear wigs, make my own clothes, s**t i go to the thrift store, i even shop at h&m n whatnot, i mix everything together

i already changed clothes, im wearing a hello kitty hockey style t shirt and a plaid skirt cool i think we're goingout to eat


so when i come back you better have msn redface meghanphoto@hotmail.com

generic root beer Report | 07/14/2011 7:03 pm
generic root beer
jello is a great name for a guinea pig biggrin i can just picture her being a jello

yeah I think deric purposely goes around trying to cause a scene, he's a retard
he wants to be cool but he doesn't know how LOL

i dress rainbow, well obviously you knew that probably

right now im wearing this white dress that has rainbow flowers all over it, a big clonky necklace that has a shiny rainbow heart on it and gummy bear earrings cool

generic root beer Report | 07/14/2011 6:55 pm
generic root beer
my ferrets were demented haha, i had 3 x__x my neighbors gave em to me because their house flooded and they had nowhere to keep them

i had two young ones and one old one, the young ones beat up the old one sad

they smelled like pee and were just insane, bounced all over the place

made a lot of noise

i dont know, i wouldnt suggest getting them

mine were kind of small, i guess theres a breed of bigger ones, my boyfriend at that time had one big one and his ferret was super chillaxed and liked being held n stuff

mine just ran in all directions when you let em out
generic root beer Report | 07/14/2011 6:52 pm
generic root beer
OMG PLEASE NAME HER JELLO!!! guinea pigs are little squishy tubby creatures, so that name is perfect! a great name its punk and also cute hahaha

omfg at the show, i was walking in the door and this idiot named Deric who i before that point, only knew of him because he got in a fight with a friend of mine another night
i waslking in the door, and deric grabbed me and kissed me out of nowhere, he was using quite some force, he missed my lips (thank god), but he kissed my nose so hard it hurt o__o

i was like WHAT THE ******** MAN WHAT WAS THAT FOR he was liek IM SO SORRY YOU'RE JUST SO ******** FINE I COULDNT HELP IT, I HAD TO KISS YOU i was like :S i knew someone probably dared him to, cuz for 1 i know im not hot/fine, cmon i wear wigs and dress like a gummy bear and 2 he's a total idiot LOL

but not only did he do it once, next time i was a little more prepared when i walked passed him he was like PLEASE JUST KISS ME PLEASE and came at me, i blocked him off with one hand and covered my face with the other, he literally was going to town on my hand, he got my hand and arm all slobbery and finally i was like YOUR BALLS ARE ABOUT TO MAKE OUT WITH MY FOOT, SIR.
generic root beer Report | 07/14/2011 6:38 pm
generic root beer
D'AWW same here, i have no interweb friends, i did when i was like 16 but yeah im 21 now and i dont have any friends LOL i feel like i have nothign in common with anyone on here
omg :O what'd you name your guinea pig?! i want to see her, i love little critters. i had ferrets when i was like 14, they were crazy
i really want a chinchilla, sounds so cute that you can just pick her up and stuff, my ferrets were ******** bonkers and as soon as you tried to handle them they jumped off and went bouncing all over the room, they loved crackers and would take them out of the package

you should definitely get msn!!! its free! just google windows live messenger and make a hotmail account and you're good to go!

i could tell you the details of the show last nightLOL errr i got borderline sexually assaulted and was about to hurt someone
generic root beer Report | 07/14/2011 3:22 pm
generic root beer
anytime, anytime heart 4laugh heart

i did enjoy that song, and i'm glad you've heard of the adverts biggrin i really want to do a cover of one of their songs

the music was good as usual, at the show i went to but god . . two very weird situations that night crying

what have you been up to the last few days? is it weird that i get on here and feel like i miss you? LOL

we really need something besides gaia as a means of communication

generic root beer Report | 07/13/2011 3:07 pm
generic root beer
:O i went and searched it on youtube, i really like it. but you'd figure of course i'd like it, right? haha
and yes i totally did tuck you in n___n

sorry i didn't talk to you last night, we went to a show to see two friends' bands play, it was a crazy night

do you like the adverts? they're one of my all time favorite punk bands, their music is honestly beautiful!
generic root beer Report | 07/12/2011 3:21 am
generic root beer
lmao why do they wear the same outfit all the time and ride their bikes all day? shouldnt they be tending to all their wives?

goodnight though n___n *TUCKZ U IN*

generic root beer Report | 07/12/2011 3:20 am
generic root beer
alrighty! im going to sit here and draw you then probably walk to the gas station and make my boyfriend drive me home LOL

definitely! its a rare gem for me at least to find people i have anything in common with on the interwebs

im a social butterfly IRL, im ******** shy and awkward turtle on here. probably because im old and i fear saying something wrong in front of children or something on here idk

ive been onhere since i was like 13 U__U im 22 in exactly a month, i feel pathetic

but yes, we'll talk again soon! especially if you have msn, you ought to add me!
generic root beer Report | 07/12/2011 3:15 am
generic root beer
Utah, SLC punk lmao

there's lots of punks here i guess, theres looooooooooots of psychobillies here LOL and they're all ******** cunts, they're all attitude here, i don't like them

we have a small knit group here of underground punk bands, we're called punk family underground and we all get each others gigs n stuff, it's really nice, we call em our family n__n

i go to bigger shows every once in a while, but nothing is better than getting stuff going with our family and having a damn good time just doing crowded little bar shows biggrin

lmao your mormons bike their asses all the way over here i swear
and one time my friend ben was riding his bike to a job interview and i was like LOL IN YOUR SLACKS N WHITE HELMET .. I SWORE YOU WERE JUST SOME MORMON RIDING BY

:O do you have msn? if you do, you should add me meghanphoto@hotmail.com



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