Cmt Meh

UPDATED 10/2/16

I'm Kay
25 and still kicking and screaming
Me and music are in a lifetime commitment heart
Nephews are my entire world and one reason I'm still breathing
Used to be very suicidal until Ayden was being made in 2012
I'm my worst enemy
Overthinks everything all the time and judges myself too harshly
Works 2 jobs that change every week on different days
Ariabella is a cooking away soon going to be evicted in Jan 2017!
Been pronounced dead 3 times thru my life
Huge klutz rofl Loves and hates being alone
Andy is my wife literally she means everything to me!
Has major trust issues I just can't trust anyone but a few people
4 fur babies are very important to me
Loves Tye- Dye, Neon, Glow in the Dark things way to much
Loves Winter and when it snows.
Loves tattoos with a passion
A masochistic
Loves fire and inflicting pain on myself
Loves Dolphins, Sea horses, Starfish and Sea Turtles
Loves texting than talking on the phone
Fluent in Italian, Russian and Sign language
Has a small group of people that are my close friends same goes with my family
Friends are more my family than my actual family
I'm just figuring out this thing called my life.