I'm Alix. Which is said like Alice, and I like it when people call me Alice, so if you're going to speak to me, can you call me Alice? It'd be much appreciated. I'm fourteen, male, from Germany, although I currently live in England in my boyfriends' house. I'm a onexone Role player, artist, musician, singer, and a all-time-low-video-gamer. I like things that range from blood, gore, vomit, to flowers, rainbows, and little kittens. You'll mostly find me playing zOMG! or lurking in the forums, posting my honest opinion everywhere that I can. Oh, and I am honest, sarcastic, and harsh. I've been called mean as well as a range of other things, but I don't care; and I mostly ignore it. I'm a rather positive person when it comes to being insulted, and sometimes if you catch me in the right mood, I can crack a pretty nasty insult back. :I

My DeviantART is Al1x1r
My SheezyArt is Geh Nicht
My Yahoo is dramaxqueenxx@yahoo.com
My MSN is facerot@live.com
My AIM is Passionsdeserted


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Okay, if you see a GUY wearing black eyeliner, EVER (With the exeption of Halloween), he's emo. Flat out. And yeah, you're a self hating emo. ALL EMOS are self hating emos. Just ask Gerard Way. "Emo is a pile of s**t." Yeah, it is but neither you, nor Gerard, can figure how stupid it sounds when you say it.

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No, but wearing it like that does

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hey i like ur "sterotypical and dysfunctional" pic biggrin

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Cute profile<3


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