NAME: Ada Wong
AGE: 26
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 5ft 7in
HAIR: Black
EYES: Dark Brown
NATIONALITY: Chinese/American


So, who exactly is Ada Wong? She's one of the highly unloved character from the Biohazard series, otherwise known as Resident Evil. Shes is also known as The Women In Red

Her character's first debut was from RE2, where little information was given concerning her identity background. In RE2, we knew that she was looking for her boyfriend scientist named John. He's stationed in Chicago. But why was Ada in Raccoon City? It turns out that she's also looking for another man named Ben Bertolucci, a local reporter who happened to know John's whereabouts. Ben was imprisoned inside the RPD and it is where Ada stumbled over a handsome rookie cop named Leon S. Kennedy. We knew that Ada's a spy sent to steal the Gvirus sample. This explains why she kept on ditching Leon a couple of times in the game. She cared so much about obtaining the Gvirus sample and plus, she's a lone spy and must work alone to complete her mission. She never found her boyfriend due to the fact that he died and turned into a zombie. We later learned that their relationship was just part of a coverup to retrieve the G-samples. It wasn't clear to whom Ada works for at this time. At the end, she saves Leon and dies.. or so it seemed. In RE3, one of the unlockable files featured Ada Wong's Epilogue. We knew from this file that Ada indeed survived the Raccoon incident and continues to work for "The Agency".


Ada made a strong comeback in RE4. We are now certain that Ada's hired by and works for Albert Wesker. We also learned that Ada have known Wesker for many, many years. She was sent to Spain to retrieve the Plaga samples. At the same Ganado village, she met the same Leon S. Kennedy from Raccoon City. He's now working for the government and came to save the President's kidnapped daughter, Ashley Graham. At the end, Ada retrieved the sample and saved Leon one more time.


Ada's relationship to Leon's very complicated. A lot of people do not agree that there's such a 'true' romance that bonded both characters. But I fairly think that they love each other genuinely. Even when Ada's too caught up with her mission, she's always been there to save Leon. She have always put herself at risk just so Leon can save himself. Leon in turn tried his best to catch up with her in RE2 and make sure that she will be safe. When Ada's about to die in Leon's arms, she told him that she fell inlove with him. Leon kisses her passionately and he screamed her name in painful sorrow after she seemed to have passed away.

Six years later and Ada still offers a hand when Leon needs help. She was very concerned about Leon when he got the plaga inside his body. "WE have to get that parasite out of your body," were her words. When Leon went dizzy in the underground tunnels, she appeared right behind and asked if he's ok in a solemn voice. She have stayed and found a way to block the path between Saddler and Leon&Ashley. She fired bullets on Big Cheese's back just when he's about to squish Leon with his foot. She had offered him a ride to the island. She even kissed two letters she wrote for Leon during the game. At the end when Ashley questioned Leon about the woman (referring to Ada), he said, "She's just a part of me I can't let go... let's leave it at that."

ADA [RE4]:

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