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Report | 06/07/2011 8:08 am

Cafe Dahlia

uhh.. today's a weird day, I dunno if my dad wants to clean the house or cook or w/e so I have to wait on him, other than that it's been good.

I did mop zeh floor and vacuum my living room.
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Report | 06/07/2011 8:02 am

Cafe Dahlia

xd so how are youuuuu? this fiiine NY Morning?
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Report | 06/07/2011 7:56 am

Cafe Dahlia

cool Ugh. Elrom's been rubbing off on me.....

NO PUNS. gonk
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Report | 06/07/2011 7:55 am

Cafe Dahlia

*smacks dat a*** D< You've just been Commented upon! and a** smacked ^.^
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Report | 06/06/2011 7:14 pm


That's so sad. :C Peanut butter is my favorite substance.
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Report | 06/06/2011 7:02 pm


Oh that sounds heavenly. o: I've been meaning to pick up some fluff lately. ;w; so tasty
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Report | 06/06/2011 4:34 pm


How's er... stuff o : ?
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Report | 06/06/2011 4:22 pm


So what do you think of gaga's new album? [wg comment]
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Report | 06/06/2011 2:42 pm

Sage Winters

Thank you. >w<
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Report | 06/06/2011 2:06 pm


Thankies for asking. D= Uhm.. I'm a little better I guess. The random pains still come and go.
Lately I had been feeling nauseous a lot but it passed after about 2-3 days so I chalked it up to a stomach thingy since they tend to be in and out like that quickly.

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Report | 06/06/2011 1:54 pm


> w< <3333
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Report | 06/06/2011 1:01 pm


I probably taste delicious.
Like mint and marshmallow and strawberry. >w<
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Report | 06/06/2011 12:21 pm

Sage Winters

Yeah. ^_^
That would be awesome.
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Report | 06/06/2011 12:07 pm

Sage Winters

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Do this!
The headband from reve works perfectly!
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Report | 06/06/2011 11:24 am

Sage Winters

Its okay. I can try and find something perfect.
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Report | 06/06/2011 11:23 am


oh yes. most of my grades were b and a save my trig which wad horendous but i still passed.

graduation was great! though it was long since there are 450 students in my class. still we were inspired since a terminally ill boy in class got his diploma. unfortunately he passed away on thursday, four days after graduation. it was devastating for my classmates and i.
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Report | 06/06/2011 11:18 am

Sage Winters

Hmmm. Give me a few minutes to try and figure something out.
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Report | 06/06/2011 10:56 am

Sage Winters

Yay! Well I will see then. blaugh
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Report | 06/06/2011 9:38 am


It's alright. 3nodding
I start summer school the 14th...well I'm suppose to, but the sent out a letter saying that she had a schedule conflict and we won't have class the first week, but to check online for homework. Am really glad I'm going to be having tutoring that week, so I can get help! 3nodding

Next time I go to the zoo, I'm going to bring my Chinese umbrella to try and keep the heat away from my face...and to try and keep myself from getting a headache. Hope it works. 3nodding
I'm not sure why. I mean, it wasn't that hot out, but it wasn't too cold either. It was one of those days where you put a hoodie on and you get too hot, but you walk around without one on and you get too cold. So...I'm not sure.

Yes, that's a very good point! But I don't have a native language, just English. But I thought it would be fun to learn German. 3nodding Plus, German is closely related to English, so I can't be that hard.
We had Chinese at my high school my senior year and I wanted to take it, but my name was one of the names taken off the list. Kind of stinks, but it's alright. I still have my Asian Lit. books from when I took the class in the spring semester, but I haven't found any Asian writing in them.
Yep, it's pretty crazy that one state has two different accents. I could see how you guys could have them with the everglades and what not, but it is kind of weird that you guys don't have accents, since you're a southern state.

Oh! And my avi is going to be featured the 28th of this month!!! blaugh
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Report | 06/06/2011 8:54 am


I knew it was probable, i just thought they might decide it wazs too obvious?
people i folow on tumblr were all pisy about Moffat taking peoples' rationalisation for shipping Amy/11 and putting it into Rory and Amy's relationship, so i unfollowed...they're bloody MARRIED! wtf did they expect
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