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Report | 09/17/2010 11:04 am

korean dream

i don't know what that is. ; ;
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Report | 09/17/2010 11:01 am

korean dream

LMAO. rofl

yaaaay !
but i still have pain, though. emo

at least i don't have to carry my 5 billion pound books + backpack.
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Report | 09/17/2010 10:57 am


Seperate site idea would be fine, just like they have Gaia japan. Maybe it'll help make things like I used to be again
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Report | 09/17/2010 10:51 am

korean dream

******** YEAH.
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Report | 09/17/2010 10:50 am


then I understood it right.
that would have been a catastrophy :c
I'm no pre-teen ...
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Report | 09/17/2010 10:44 am


that pic of that cute otter is so adorable!
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Report | 09/17/2010 10:43 am


is that what you showed me...a bad thing?
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Report | 09/17/2010 3:54 am


That's a terribble idea. they're going to lose a majority of their users because everything will be all nub'd up. And how are they going to pester kids about Gaia cash? it's just suggestive that of you pay money you can get what you want. It may just be time to move to second life, although i'm pretty addicted to Gaia.
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Report | 09/16/2010 9:50 pm

Science Fantasy

Awkwaaaard. confused
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Report | 09/16/2010 8:27 pm

Science Fantasy

Some people just shouldn't be in the business of helping people. neutral
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Report | 09/16/2010 5:39 pm

Christy FTW

        absolutely adore your avi/profile * u* <3
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Report | 09/16/2010 4:45 pm

Science Fantasy

That's great! I'm glad you're liking it. But I know how the offices like that can be. My boyfriend's at Valencia and he was at the work study office for like 2 hours and then found out they gave the job to someone else. I imagine similar things happen at UCF. They're pretty good about it at Rollins though, we have a few people in our class who take notes for students who signed up for it through SDS and they get paid for it, which is pretty neat.

The only thing I don't really like about UCF is driving over there... which I have to do tomorrow to see a friend of mine. >_< I hate college drivers. The ones at Rollins are no better.

I'm totally loving Rollins. I've made so many friends already and my professors are amazing. I love it a lot more than I thought I would, and I already thought I'd love it. XD
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Report | 09/16/2010 4:08 pm

Science Fantasy

How's UCF going for you? 3nodding
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Report | 09/16/2010 3:56 pm


its too long to pay attention to the whole thing, i need the readers digest.
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Report | 09/16/2010 3:55 pm

korean dream

i better start making some eggs then. D:
[/wobbles up from the chair] ; ____ ;

ahahaa, aaaw, now i know how you feel. ): </3

because everyone has to get this paper signed by our parents in order to get lockers, but some idiots in our class don't have a good memory. -___-;;;;;;;

& i can't even laugh without this bad pain on my body,
if i want to laugh with less pain, i have to hold my stomach tightly & squeeze my hips, which makes me look completely stupid.
along with the retarded laugh that comes with it. gonk

i tried it in class today, because we have this " class-clown " in our class, that makes all of us laugh,
& he said something funny, & i wanted to laugh so bad.

so i did that thing that makes me look stupid,
& my laugh was sooooooo freakin' WEIRD. gonk I SOUNDED LIKE A PIG SQUEELING OR SOMETHING. gonk

then everyone gave me the " WTF " look. emo
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Report | 09/16/2010 3:38 pm


User Image

ooh I see ;3
How much were those two mini wings cost back then in 03. ?

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Report | 09/16/2010 3:37 pm

korean dream

it felt so freakin' weird. o . o;

my body aches so bad. crying
today in gym class, we had to do yoga, & it was so freakin' painful.

after that, my body just starts hurting badly & i could barley walk.

& to top it off, i had to carry my ******** 500 pound backpack & carry 2 freakin' heavy textbooks in my hands the whole time.
we didn't even get our lockers yet, ******** bullshit.

& a bonus;
i had a s**t loud of homework today.

crying crying crying
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Report | 09/16/2010 3:32 pm


User Image

haha. Nevermind that
Ima play gaia until I'm WAY to old for it xD
I only started 07 anyways

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Report | 09/16/2010 3:10 pm


Oh, why do you say that? What's different about 2005? XD
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Report | 09/16/2010 3:07 pm

korean dream

i stabbed myself with a pencil on accident & my right hand was paralyzed for like 3 seconds. o__o;;;;;;;;;
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