lets just get to the point....

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Do you really need to know?

Okies, you all probably want to know my name. Its Lorea'l like the famous lorea'l shampoo and make up products(no its not hahaha), but meh awesome a** friends call me Lorie the Great. You should know im 14, filipino and all full of awkwardness and random things.[ dont be jealous ;p jk ].

I loves me the colorz dark blue, black, gray, purple, and orange.... they're awesome. i'm all or the sweet foods, fruits and SUSHI!!!![suckers cant have any...]Im an artist, famous to be exact. Ok ima be a hater, them bitter s**t, keep them away and those clown people and weird looking dolls.[they are ohso scary trust me.] Bring on the horror, action and comedy movies. You know 'The Hangover' and 'Stepbrothers'? Oh yea ther one of my all time fav movies. Romances are funny, and dramas are occasinally accepted.

Ever wonder what people listen to? I dont i only care about what i think.[yes utter selfish moment! XD] I listen to all types, except for country and annoying mermaid melody songs.[ Sorry to all them M.M. fans out ther......sis?]. I listen to j-rock and j-pop... and dont forget k-pop. Okay any of you people know bands SS501 and Big Bang? They are soo f-ing awesome.[*fan girl squel*]LOL

ANIME!!! aight anime fans, we all in the same page....maybe? Yes ima an anime fan hahahaha. Most of meh friends make fun of me, saying im a nerd, Ben and fish boy.[FYI anime is awesome and I am proud to be a nerd! XP] I love POKE'MON!!! no it is not gay...except for Ash hahahahaha. Kay,kay im a freak, a freaker freak hahaha.

So to make this whole thing short, im your all time weirdo who is overly obsessed with sweet food and anime. I can and will get awkward with my "different" questions so you, yea YOU! who is reading this if you talk to me, you should at least be careful[sometimes :^) ]

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Maybe they are right, maybe I did get my hopes up too high.
Maybe I was in over my head.
Maybe I was the stupid one for ever thinking tat you loved me.
But maye, just maybe Im tired of being alone.

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