Well Umm Hi'ya ,You No Life's On Here!
I'm Rosa Fernandez. I'm 13 years old ,
Yes im kindah young -.-t Shut Up Though.!! LOL. Anyways I LIKE a Lot of things Especially FOOD ! f*ck yeah I Love FOOD! It's the best thing in the WORLD!! Aha Well I'm Taken ♥ 06.20.12 ! (;
I Really don't know what to say -.-tt I Like people who keep a conversation going with out writing ; lol , yeah,yup ETC.! If You DO then i will delete You XD Sorry.
Anyways IF YOU Wanna ASk More Message ME! DON'T BE A PUSSY!

Ohh YEAH &&'d I Don't like backstabbers, Fakes,c*nts,hoes and SHADY a'f PEOPLE !!!!! o;<<