Hey im tiana. Im 14 years old. My b-day is may 21rst. Buy me something! <3 Here are some things about me.

Things i love;

♥ my friends
♥ my family
♥ musiq
♥ Food
♥ clothes
♥ shopping
♥ my phone & txting
♥ i like to cheer
♥ tv
♥ sleeping
♥ pajama pants. :]
♥ youtube/ and cmptrs..

Things i h8t: mad

○ you, lol jk
○ mean people
○ haterz
○ jockers
○ retards
○ stealers
○ animal killers
○ bad music

and actually i love jordan from The Ready Set
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User Image
User Image
now dont get me wrong christopfer drew is awesome too!
well i guess thats it im out byyeeeee!

stuff i need you guys to do!!

-seximamajj65-needs donations greatly appreciated

-x-lele-x-also needs donations and greatly appreciated,

-meeee! i need donations greatly appreciated

-also support our stores..


get in touch with me im always busy !:)

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