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Kiyoshi_Takahashi on 11/02/2021
Fuzzey Toyz

Peace is all about my world
When it comes to peace I want
no trouble with pop or drugs
an when u can do that u can
get what u want live the right
responsible life carrin an respect
an u will get the same!!!

Love is everybodys life
well to some but I'll Just
Say without it ur nothing
No carrin of course Love is strong
it keeps You awake and up!!!

Some day I'll See
Colorful city like this
its so beautiful


Just a 17 years old Junior Highschool girl
a lovable,nice,funny,not borin chick love rl people
not fakers or haters got it dont brin it into my life smile
love music
Rock,Hip-hop,Rap hmm mostly anythin
dont go out much but i do like to enjoy if iam out thier
iaint no snitch or fake thats all i got say

His everythin to me for this last 3 years dont
even wanna loose him at all.his very funny an sweet always
thier to put a smile on me,when im down or not smile
his loca in the head when im around him cant seem to control him self razz

Drugs are nice 4 some people
but it can mess up ur life
even relationship between yu an
ur family an friends dont get to
addicted to it if yu got urself
into it than yu can get bak out of
it believe an be stron to do it

Never drink b4 but wil love to feel it some day!!

#1 Best buddy<3 yu 4 life Alexies!!!

He makes stupid choice an does it
to all the time but he is stil good an
sweet al the time hope he doesnt loose that
his very cool to chil with never seem to leave
day out of it love him to dealth never ganna
let yu go Andy!!!! smile

ma buddy in
real life<3

SamoanMix with asian

He puts a smile on me
all the time even if im mad
or upset
never ganna leave his side
love yu bebe

ma cuzzin in real life
funny an weird 2 at the same time
random girl 2 chill with always
bein adorable little silly girl

dont mess my pet his nice
an cool to chat with so
yu hurt him i hurt yu :}