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My name is Dana,I love music,my friends,playing the guitar,and im in the process of making a band..until then i'm a solo artist [font size=5]I love to Skateboard![/font] Fav band is Nirvana,i like Andrew Landon,Kerli,Cruxshadows,Depeche Mode,Ingrid Michaelson,The Beatles,Laura Branigan,Fiona Apple,The Shins,Toy Dolls,& other bands.I like listening to different types of genres.
Alice Nine is so awesome!!<33


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-Gray SKA Shoes
-Oculus Mythica
-Black Shirt
-Berry BubbleNum Bubble
-KoNfUsEd RaInBoW tOe SoX
-Pink Sweetheart Teddy
-Blue Sweetheart Teddy
-Blue Paper Cat Band
-Red Skull & Bones Arm Tattoo
-Dead Sexy Stone Skull Pin