Hello : D. My names *****[just call me Alice] but dont overuse it xD. I was born September 7,1996. O.O ,shocked? Yep', i'm 12 : D. I like to draw avi art so befriend me and you might get lucky xP. I'm nigerian and proud : D. I love to cook and read.

Well anyway, I hate using chat speak so i'll put it clearly if u T4LK L1K3 D1Z D3N YOO C4N G3T D4 H3LL 0FF M3H P4G3 (Translation: If you talk like this then you can get the hell of my page xP)

I love all the old classic rappers like N.W.A. and Run D.M.C.

Top 5 Rappers:
1. Tupac Shakur R.I.P.
2.Dr. Dre
3. The Game
4. Ice Cube
5. Eazy-E R.I.P.

Top 5 R&B Artists
1. Beyonce
2. Aaliyah
4. R Kelly
5. Santigold

Top 5 Bands/Groups
3. ColdPlay
4. Run D.M.C.
5.Linkin Park
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