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Chibitalia and Holy Roman Empire were briefly raised together as infants, before Grandpa Rome took Chibitalia away to live with him for an indeterminate period of time. By the time Chibitalia returned to his place of birth, the other children had become bullies to him and Holy Roman Empire vowed to make Chibitalia part of his "New Roman Empire".

Chibitalia eventually wound up claimed by Austria, on the behalf of Holy Roman Empire, after a period of war. The two children lived together in the household, HRE harboring a crush on Chibitalia, who he believed to be a girl (due to his feminine sense of attire).

However, life soon became uneasy in the household. HRE soon gave Chibitalia the offer of becoming part of his "New Roman Empire", which the other child refused, remembering what had eventually happened to his grandfather. HRE left the household, leaving only Austria, Hungary, and Chibitalia behind.

It is at this point in time which the published version of the manga ends, with Chibitalia crying as HRE departs. ~(from Hetalia Archives - Axis Powers Hetalia)


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Borax18 Report | 12/01/2010 7:45 pm
I-Italy... *walks up to you* how have you been?
( Nice job in the Arenas! I did vote a 5/5 for you ~.^ )
Fabulous Grell Report | 10/02/2010 1:48 pm
Fabulous Grell
Hola Chibitalia~
Judgemebymyshoes Report | 08/27/2010 6:05 am
cool avi
Nippon-koku Report | 05/03/2010 12:28 am
Thank you.~
Your cosplay is really well done. I remember seeing you around the forums before, actually. o:
I Found A Sexy 1 Report | 03/16/2010 4:34 pm
I Found A Sexy 1
Oh my gosh! XDD Your avi is waaaaay better. I haven't seen any chibitalia cosplayers! so cuuuute. XD You did an excellent job!
Chaos as a Girl Report | 11/13/2009 10:27 pm
Chaos as a Girl
Omg. Your avatar is cute cute cute cute cute!!!
Midnight_Heiress Report | 11/05/2009 8:11 am
I remember your avi!!! SO KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! ^_^
Dmitri Braginski Report | 11/03/2009 11:25 pm
Dmitri Braginski
^o^ Oooh~ Chibitalia~!

I can say the same to you~ >w<

*can't resist....hugging!*

Rukoto Report | 11/03/2009 3:26 am
T-T-T-T-Thank you for the comment!
Schizo Hunter Report | 10/25/2009 11:32 am
Schizo Hunter
[[O: Thank you so much! But it doesn't compare to yours at all. Your cosplay won in the arena, didn't it?]]
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