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MONSEbOO21 Report | 09/13/2008 1:07 pm
all that is sooo true!!
x C u p p y c a k e z Report | 08/18/2008 2:58 pm
x C u p p y c a k e z
This is so true. </3
EpicRainbow_x3 Report | 08/16/2008 2:21 am

Yer speakbubbles are all trueish. D;
I hate to admit it, but thats basically where I'm at.
Except, I never get hacked. o 3; ;<3
M0D-ADMlN-N-P-C1 Report | 08/07/2008 7:20 pm
XD you shoulda left it. LOL
M0D-ADMlN-N-P-C1 Report | 08/07/2008 7:13 pm
omg T__T
M0D-ADMlN-N-P-C1 Report | 08/07/2008 7:12 pm
what happen to all your stuff? this is jenny btw fiz friend.
Makys Report | 08/07/2008 6:36 pm
i nkow im always on gaia but my friends r also never out & I never would ditch my friends , && i luv school, and would never buy gaia cash
=l soo msot of them dotn describe me but can help others
Toppyknot Report | 08/07/2008 6:33 pm

So true.
Lil_3vil-BLKZ Leader- Report | 08/04/2008 10:32 pm
Lil_3vil-BLKZ Leader-
jp wat i said except the part u made my bro sad .....nice pro btw
Lil_3vil-BLKZ Leader- Report | 08/04/2008 10:31 pm
Lil_3vil-BLKZ Leader-
man look wat u did to me and my life feel bad ima hack u and put those bubbles down ur just making my brother feel sad once im in ur pro i will take does bubbles off

Hello & Welcome to My profile! **Please read speech bubbles first**

My younger sister- Katelyn & I have chosen to quit Gaiaonline because of what it does..

1.Gaia is addicting and most of you don't know about how addicting it is.. You first log on thinking "hey this is fun" then before you know it! you're hooked.

2. You find yourself expermenting stuff. Your first time having cyber sex, Or your First gf/bf.. you get to know that person more and more each time you talk with them.. Then before you know it you're married on gaia.. then all of a sudden you're divorced and pissed off cause the person you married has moved on and found someone else

3. They say things that make you happy like.. i love you or you look good.. and then you've got feelings for them. Most people don't realize it but they're talking to real people with real feelings, from the other end of the connection line. Every word you say becomes a feeling.. you become sad and depressed, happy, angry, bored whatever..

4. Now it's not just a silly game.. it's your life.. you ditch your friends just so you can get on gaia see if your online friends are online. You're waiting in school looking at the clock waiting for school to end just so you can hurry home and get on gaia..

5. Now you're really hooked on gaia cause you're pissed off because you got hacked for your first time all YOUR stuff is gone.. Hate to break it to you hun but the stuff isn't yours.. it just sits there in an empty account when your done with gaia.

6. You're getting even more upset because you're Best gaia friend has accused you for doing something you didn't do... So now you two are in a fight.

7. Now you have to go and earn a whole bunch of gold and friends too.. you're so desperate that you start begging people to donate and give.. when you can do it yourself

8. You get scared about what people might think.. you don't wanna be called a noob you don't wanna be left out... so now you're begging your parents to get money for PayPal so you can get gaia cash or a collectable.. & you're begging your ex gf/bf to come back to you cause they made you feel good...

9. You think you're escaping the pain right? WRONG! you're actually creating a whole new pain.. you allow pain to come back when you get upset about being hacked or your relationship has ended..

10. No matter how hard you try not to believe that you're not addicted to Gaiaonline.. You are and nobody can stop it but you.. You got yourself into this and you can get yourself out.. I didn't make this all to offend people or make people wanna quit.. i made this cause it's true...

Please comment ;D Thank you xoxo, Katelyn&Riley