Well hello and fawking welcome to my shitty Profile.
hmm... I would make this all happy and "short and sweet" but that aint really my style anymore.
Im a fat fawk that is trying to lose weight (but that s**t aint easy)
I keep ******** up, Kinda alot.
Im on this "be better each day" but that s**t is hard af.
Yes im using no filter and im gonna keep it that way. (why bother to act or be someone other than me)
im ******** nice guy and I like to donate just for the sake that i ******** can. (yall take that s**t for granted)
I take friends for granted because im ******** horrible at being one. (I am working on that, so chill)
one thing im trying thats new is not being self destructive when it comes to being with someone. (just got out of a 4 year relationship, that i completely ******** up.)
Yea I wanna own up to my own mistakes and Its gonna be a while until I finally do.
I watch Dragon ball super and Game of Thrones.
Cars make me squeal and tech makes me drool.
I got no tattoos and no piercings (call me old fashion and I'll punch you on the throat)
Im 29 and I dont care about your opinions on "too old for gaia"
I got discord and skype. I sing when im happy and rap when i want to be creative.
I used to beatbox but that s**t got annoying real quick.
No im not saying im good at singing or rapping but that s**t i just like to do.

^_^ ******** off if you hate me and if you dont hate me send me a fawking message saying Beary XD

One last thing. Dont ever question my love. You have no right to test it.