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99 Defense on 09/16/2020


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Hey its nessie! Ok im just gonna cut the crap and give the basics. My real name is jessy, female, currently taken, i play violin, i LOVE tennis && volleyball, not a big fan of kickball..... i love watching football, though i cant play worth crap. Im not emo, nor scene, nor punk, nor preppy, nor etc.... Im nothing. IM ME. so plz dont label me :] Id say im in the middle class when it comes to school, not popular, but not a total dweeb. yes i use the word dweeb... odd.. but i dont care.. ive been using it forever.. and no1s gonna change it :] My grades are averange a's, b's, c's, but ive only got a d a few times. Never had an f yet... i have brown hair, green eyes. I have an odd taste in music i guess you could say... i like pretty much anything but country :] and also, when you get to know me, im nowhere near this boring. i promise =;D ok lets see..... i love drawing. Only anime... I LOVE RPing! im constantly doing this.. so im on meez{website} VERY much.. okay? thnkies :] I love guitar hero! i got it for nintendo ds :] im literally addicted xD my favorite guitar hero song would be Spiderwebs by No doubt. i have lots of secrets; and if i get to know you well enuff i might just tell one one of them.. well thats about it... if i think of anymore ill add :]

hans reiker~1500
Graceful_matter~8000 Demonic anklets
XxXHolly-kinzXxX~6000 [[and items that im too lazy to list :3]]
Kaimia Cullen~5000
final_anime_kingdom~200 (for avi art o 3o)

Thanks to all of the above for your helppp <333

Add me? :]

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