Hallo, Willkommen zu meinem profile, jetzt Auf Wiedersehen.

Name: Danny Boy
Age: 19
Nationalities: British, Roma
Hobbies: music, archery, sleep, tinkering
Misc: no longer a vegetarian (omg), paranoid, sleepy, socially awkward, orphan, delivery boy, flutist, saxophonist, violinist, guitar guy, contortionist

Name: Timmy
Age: 17
Nationalities: Same as Danny Boy
Hobbies: Judo, sleep, music and dancing
Misc: Little brother of Danny boy, couldn't tie shoes til 8, nocturnal almost, drummer, trumpeter, trombone, acrobat

I, Danny Boy, am still the owner of this account. My little brother is sharing this account with me for the time being. He won't pose as me, if you're talking to me then it's just me unless you want my bro in on it. Otherwise he'll not respond and get me to before he continues doing what he was doing on here and vice versa.
Sorry about any confusion if one of us says "Who are you?"
He'll add almost anyone, and I delete almost anyone if I don't remember adding so watch your arse xDDD

To strike a conversation just add a comment in the doobalidoo below or send a pm =P


"ĂȘtre et durer"



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You complete me bro

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Love you bro ;~;

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Rinaissance Unicorn

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Rinaissance Unicorn

Good. That's the way I like you. :3
Rinaissance Unicorn

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Rinaissance Unicorn

*Tackle hugs* : DD
Rinaissance Unicorn

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Rinaissance Unicorn

Teriyaki would be just lovely, thanks. :3
Rinaissance Unicorn

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Rinaissance Unicorn

*Throws it back to you*
Can you throw me a big bag of beef jerky, instead? sweatdrop
Rinaissance Unicorn

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Rinaissance Unicorn

O: Don't forget to feed me, okay?

Rinaissance Unicorn

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Rinaissance Unicorn

;~; That's right.
Rinaissance Unicorn

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Rinaissance Unicorn

I don't know, what are we?


We are Performers
We are Entertainers
We are Artists
We are Musicians
Music is our gift to humanity