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'bout meh...

Hi I'm Zee c:

I'm a Gaia regular

-If my interwebs isn't screwy...-

I'm a lazy-literate role player

-Shoot me a good idea & I'm there-

I fangirl over a lot of
anime & manga

-Too many to count-

I also fangirl over TV shows

-Currently Sher-Locked-

I tend to ship more than I should...

-Johnlock, Destiel, PruHun, RanGin ; n ;
the list goes on...-

I'm currently single

-No, you don't have a chance-

I love avi art & donations!

-Will put all art on here later on-

I'm a social person so chat me up!

-So don't be shy & PM me-

what i'm up to...

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o hi der~

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A Religious Fangirl
I Ship, Tip, & Procrastinate
Sarcasm is my native language
I don't respond to idiots, still not sorry
PM me if you have a good RP idea
Now get on your knees