mKAy whaataa sayy . iight im 14 yearrs old .. im helluh fyne and sexyy aha yu can speak for yurself thoo . add me on myspace . currently SINGLE and that rare Lol. i m crushinn butt aha . so yea if yu wanna chill hit me up and iff yu helluh fynee we cann bang ;] soo if yu need da digets juss ask and ill probally give em too yuu , alright well wuteaa else to say umm i love boys, shopping , chocolate , condums ;] , smiling , andd lottss moree aha cheeck me outt on myspace byee :]

alright whutaa say this is yur life so dont let people take advantige of yu do whatever yu want but lett mii sayy dat DRAMA always cums last no matter what . smoke drink do whatever but dont let people do shytt to yu . always stand up for yourself in life ! imaa kindd of girl will kick sumones a** if they meess with one of my friends family or anyone else so dunn ******** with me iight :] . you only gott one life so make the best of it and ******** everything else mkay ;]