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Leaving Gaia, if you'd like to stay in contact just PM me.


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XxRobotic KittehxX Report | 09/13/2011 8:18 pm
XxRobotic KittehxX
HeyLoooo!How's Life?
Skittzipoo Report | 07/14/2011 10:15 am
not sure if you'd be interested in this but i figured i'd extend the invitation anyway.
XxRobotic KittehxX Report | 06/05/2011 7:59 pm
XxRobotic KittehxX
otoriio Report | 05/05/2011 9:21 pm
Oh okay.


I was never really too sure. I must commend the camera work at the end because the way they filmed it, you could hear the top still spinning but it kinda looked like it started tilting a little right before the credits came on, so that's what made me wonder.

I'll see if my mom can get it on Netflix or something. I guess you could say there are two types of lengthy movies: the ones that hold your interest the whole time, like Inception, and the ones that you're just waiting to be over with, like Titanic. Lol I hated Titanic.

Lol yeah, most of the time people just refer to it as Don't Be a Menace. It's basically like a parody of other Black movies, like Poetic Justice, Menace to Society, Boyz N the Hood, South Central, Higher Learning, and Juice. It has a lot of the Wayans family in it. I personally think it's funnier than Friday, but that could easily be debated. (I don't know if you've seen Friday or not.) I'm surprised that you've heard of Run Lola Run and not Don't Be a Menace since Run Lola Run is a foreign film.

Run Lola Run is about a girl who's boyfriend owes a drug dealer money, so she tries to get some money in time to save his life. But what's cool about it is that it's like an alternate ending. They show you what would happen if everything went smoothly, then they show you what would happen if she tripped down the stairs, and I forgot what the last time was.

I couldn't imagine being in a tornado or a hurricane. Well, yeah, I guess you could say earthquakes can be the deadliest since there are no warnings or anything. Yeah, I've been in quite a few earthquakes, but they weren't deadly in my area. Sometimes they were deadly in other areas and we just got the tail end of it, but other times they were just small earthquakes in general. I've only dealt with stuff shaking and occasionally something may fall (like a wall decoration); I've never had any buildings crumble or anything like that. A lot of them I've slept through, but when I am awake I either continue what I'm doing or get under a desk, depending on how serious it seems.

Haha I was making it sound nice. Wow, that sounds terrifying. The fact that you weren't evacuated makes it worse. If they told you to leave and you stayed and had to go through all this, that would be one thing. But just being surprised like that makes it scarier. Do you guys have a basement?

You're welcome smile

Lol I knew what you meant. I actually didn't notice.
otoriio Report | 04/30/2011 11:14 pm
Wow, that must have been one powerful vacuum cleaner! I think the biggest thing my vacuum cleaner picked up was probably a sock. If you've tried multiple sensor bars and it doesn't work I would assume it was the Wii, or maybe just the remotes.

Haha should have filmed it.

Exactly, and then you get mentally exhausted just from watching a movie. No, we never did figure it out. I looked the ending up online and it said something like the writer never revealed if he was in limbo or not. And no, I didn't see Sherlock Holmes. I heard it was good though.

Haha yeah, I'm like that too. I think the movie I've watched the most would have to be Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood because I always find it hilarious and it's one of those movies where you see stuff in the background that you don't notice the first time around. And I love watching Run Lola Run because I loved it the first time. Have you seen either one of those?

Oh okay, North Carolina makes more sense. That's crazy! A tornado is one thing I never want to have to go through. I guess it's because I'm not used to it because I can deal with an earthquake. You're pretty brave to just be looking out the window lol. I didn't even know tornadoes could make you go deaf. I knew they were loud, but not that loud. I'm surprised they made you leave home afterward and not before. I'm glad you're okay.
otoriio Report | 04/30/2011 10:58 am
Haha and it comes with the Wii. But even that's a sports game, which usually sell a lot (like Madden, FIFA, etc.) I thought it was fun, but I think Deca Sports was better because they have more sports to choose from. How did your Wii break?

XD the stupidity left you speechless.

Yeah, I was amazed. I hate mystery-type movies that make you think a lot during the movie, but I love movies like Inception that make you think after the movie. Yeah, the ending was confusing. My family and I debated about it for a long time. I should rewatch it to see if I see anything different than I did the first time. I'm not even the type of person that re-watches movies, but for Inception I think I should.

No, you didn't tell me that. When I was in Heaven I heard that Alabama got hit, but I didn't know Massachusetts did too. I'm sorry to hear about that. Are you guys okay? Any damage done?
otoriio Report | 04/28/2011 3:00 pm
Haha I can't remember that either.

Lol I know, right?

Yeah, that's one of my top ten movies of all time. I like movies that are out of the box like that.

Lol oh okay, I understand. Don't act like you wouldn't do it in real life. Haha you know I'm just kidding.
otoriio Report | 04/22/2011 8:49 am

Yeah, that's true. In America, most games that are out of the ordinary tend not to sell as much. All the top-selling games are either like first-person shooters, fighting, sports, musical, or platformers. Although whenever I do play a weird game I usually enjoy it. Some people are missing out.

I just looked it up, and I guess it was a Northwestern company (not sure exactly what country, but I think they're from America). I pulled up a video from youtube, but I'm still not sure what it's called: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClzLFmKxVUk

Oh, that makes sense because they hold out on the good movies until like right before Christmas.

Lol I don't mind the bunnies. I like the purple one because it looks cool, just chillin'. And of course I like the orange one because it's orange. How come you don't like the bunnies?
otoriio Report | 04/16/2011 11:40 am
Yeah, it seems like that would stop you from breathing through your nose. 1,000 Ways to Die should make that into an episode lol.

Yeah, that's true. Have you seen those erasers with the American flag on them that say "Made in China"? I always get a good laugh out of those. And that's true. A lot of weird games have come out of Japan, but a lot of good ones have too.

Oh my bad. By advertisement I meant trailer on G4. That's true. There's always a few parents out there that just make you wonder. I remember watching G4 this one time and there was this game where you had to fight these characters with huge boobs by popping their bra straps.

Oh, that sucks. When's your birthday?

I was told that it had to do with the newest chance item. But when I looked up the item, I didn't see a pentagram. I could have just missed it, but I don't think it was there. And that's the only reason it bothers me too. Otherwise I probably would've just thought of it as a star in a circle. Well, at least it's gone for now.
otoriio Report | 04/08/2011 9:02 pm
I heard about that. My step-dad said the snot in his nose froze one time when he was in Chicago.

Haha if TI did do that, I wouldn't know. Lol I wouldn't have been anticipating his album because I'm not really a fan.

Wow, that's terrible! They have some nerve. Haha yeah, they do always talk about Japan. I think it's just because that's the main other country that competes in the gaming, electronics, and entertainment industries with us. Yeah, I remember seeing an advertisement for that game. There's a lot of sick people out there, probably people that bought a DS just for that game. They may have been trying to get more adults into the DS too. Japan makes the weirdest games...

Lol nice.

That's cool. Hopefully there will be good movies out when it's your birthday lol.

Yeah, me too. It makes me feel uncomfortable. It's like right in the middle too.