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My name is Roselynn, but you may have known me as RedDemonicRoses. I am a demon, but not a full fledged one (yet). My family is the proud bearer of the Rose. The Rose's are known for their blood red or silver white hair, and red eyes.

Where I live is a place shrouded in mystery. It is a place that is darker than a pitch black cave, located deeper and further away from all man-kind like the bottom of the sea.

As like every demon, I have an assistant. His name is Enji. An assistant will help their master with anything and everything, and at anytime. Enji's breed is called the Roozu demons. Only the Rose clan are able to obtain these Roozu demons. Enji is a half demon, like me, but I vowed to myself that I would help level up Enji as much as possible so that he may too become a full-fledged demon. So, will you help me too?

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P.S. I enjoy telling stories, as you can probably guess from reading my autobiography about Roselynn.

But in reality, I suppose I'm just a normal girl with a giant imagination.


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Moonlight Rose JoJo Report | 10/22/2017 10:24 pm
Moonlight Rose JoJo
Your avi is really awesome~
Moonlight Rose JoJo Report | 06/21/2017 12:41 pm
Moonlight Rose JoJo
Rosey <3
I miss you ~
Moonlight Rose JoJo Report | 04/11/2016 10:09 pm
Moonlight Rose JoJo
tank you 3nodding >w<
Ooo really? Nice!! My friend works at an internship and she's sooo busy. Can I ask what sort of work you'll be doing?

Wait really?? I wanna go into MSE : D That's like physics plus chem eng ^^

Haven't had pizza in a long time... but honestly I don't really miss it. Le gasp

Also gah you always have the cutest avis I can never resist <3
Moonlight Rose JoJo Report | 04/11/2016 8:34 pm
Moonlight Rose JoJo
Yep, I had chem, math, and compsci tests ;w;
although they weren't as hard as I thought they would be so there's that c:
good job!!

nope I hate studying xP But hey at least I like sciences~

I'm craving hot cheetos... as always. Maybe boba. Definitely boba.
yum_pizza yum_pizza yum_pizza yum_pizza yum_pizza yum_pizza yum_pizza yum_pizza yum_pizza yum_pizza yum_pizza yum_pizza
Moonlight Rose JoJo Report | 04/11/2016 4:50 pm
Moonlight Rose JoJo
I sound like one of those old belltower people who would announce things across the city xD

Ahh yeah I think they offer the AB course too. Mmm I could take all APs but I'm not going to. Firstly I hate history secondly peer mentoring is relaxing and looks good thirdly AcaDeca is also fun and is beneficial

lol I keep asking my friends to go and buy me a box of candy corn or just giant bags of hot cheetos cause parents. I'm like but I'll pay youuuuuu ;w; pretty pls I'm in dire need
Moonlight Rose JoJo Report | 04/10/2016 5:24 pm
Moonlight Rose JoJo
It's cute >w<

Oh really? Which math one? I think my school offers around... 20? maybe more but I don't remember. So we're lucky~

Now I'm just imagining a shining little rock with a kawaii face drawn on it xDD
I also like to binge eat like most people during test time
Moonlight Rose JoJo Report | 04/10/2016 3:30 pm
Moonlight Rose JoJo
tyty <3 haha, is that your version of 'fighting'?
Waaaat. Aww man. Good luck to you too! Actually it's the same for me AP week bc all my friends are taking one and it's on the last day but I have two on the first two days of the week and it's like asdf cramcramcram

A moonrock? now that's a new one xD
It sounds cute tho~
r-rosey I has w-wings.... //flutters
my brain in test mode is all sorts of messed up
Moonlight Rose JoJo Report | 04/10/2016 1:42 pm
Moonlight Rose JoJo
actually saaaaame xD
gotta study for 4 tests tomorrow (why it's a monday guys pls) but I'm like hmmm maybe I'll just check gaia oneeee last time to see if there's anything new since 30 seconds ago lol
and look what I find!

A rosey ^^
Moonlight Rose JoJo Report | 04/10/2016 1:39 pm
Moonlight Rose JoJo
hello hello hello hello >w<
Ahegao Mistress Report | 02/23/2016 10:29 pm
Ahegao Mistress
Thank you so much for your purchase <3


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I enjoy my roses
painted red.

Nyx is my Peach <3