They call her Muffin;;

But you can call me Jyn if you'd like :]

I'm a girl.
I'm 14 years old.
I'm a proud Christian, and I won't force my religion on you if you don't force your's on me.
I'm nice to you if you're nice to me.
I'm trying to cut back on my potty mouth ;] so no cursin' from me.
I type correctly :]
I like using emoticons xD (like that one)
I am prone to spaztic ourbursts of random hyper-active energy when provoked by another person, or given any amount of any sugary substance.
I own an army of flesh eating pickles, and will not hesitate to send them after you if you make me mad.
DO NOT BEG ME FOR STUFF. Obviously, I'm very very poor. I should be begging you for crap! D:<
I like blaring music :]
I headbang;; pretty badly.
I like dancing in front of my mirror.
Sometimes I run around and act like an idiot for no reason at all.
My friends are my life.

I'm just one of those people who are so freakin' lame, they're actually pretty awesome. You learn to love me x]

Music is my escape.
I'm scared of spiders and sharks.
I still watch cartoons.

I LOVE random PM's and profile comments :]
I will love you forever and ever if you can actually start and maintain an interesting conversation with me <3

I'm always looking for friends, to tell the truth, I really only talk to one person on Gaia, and that's my best friend IRL x]

I'm a pretty cool chick once you get to know me, so why don'tcha?


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Wanna know more about me?


This is the place to find my most interesting blonde moments.Or some poems I wrote whem I'm bored/depressed.


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Lizard BQY

Report | 08/26/2007 8:54 am

Lizard BQY

I'm Danish
anna x3 amazing

Report | 08/16/2007 9:51 am

anna x3 amazing

JOJO User Image)


how've you beennnn?
[.Foxy Mika.]

Report | 08/02/2007 1:03 pm

[.Foxy Mika.]

Hey Muffin.


xx__X i l a k

Report | 08/01/2007 4:19 pm

xx__X i l a k




Did you have fun?


xx__X i l a k

Report | 07/24/2007 6:42 pm

xx__X i l a k


You stopped talking to me again.


Where did chu gooooo?

iL e m o n e x

Report | 07/22/2007 3:40 pm

iL e m o n e x

hi hi! your about me sounds a lot like myself. Flesh eating pickles are scary! :S and cartoons are the awesomest.
sherlock holmies

Report | 07/11/2007 11:59 pm

sherlock holmies

Niceee! Salad, what sort? I love salads, ahh!

I'm hungry now..

There's no milk so I can't have any cereal which sucks!


I might make another pizza ^^

sherlock holmies

Report | 07/11/2007 8:03 pm

sherlock holmies

lol, oh thats interesting to hear!

i'm glad you told me..


well what did you eat? details!



sherlock holmies

Report | 07/09/2007 3:35 pm

sherlock holmies

you wish jellyfish!

[.Foxy Mika.]

Report | 07/06/2007 11:44 am

[.Foxy Mika.]


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