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Gender: Male

Location: Everywhere and Nowhere

Birthday: 03/29

Occupation: Being a Big Dad

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Buy mah things and such and we can both be happy. If you have questions or offers, do not be shy to pm me and negotiate! dramallama


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Things you should buy for me

My Stalkers Are Better Than Your Stalkers


Basic Summary

They call me Big Dad, Tis a pleasure to meet you! Here's what you ought to know...

Name: If we're close or exceptional acquaintances, you'll know it.

Gender: Dad

Age: Old enough

Music: Everything! Please send me recommendations cause I'm always looking to expand my playlist and enjoy the sounds of the world. I also play music, and promote it smile Want to see me in action? Just ask sweatdrop

Religion: Christian and proud of it. Amen!

Race: Just another white kid from the burbs

Relationship status: Happily taken heart

Hobbies: Music, songwriting, guitar, hanging with my ninjas, video games, football, basketball, swimming, and being the very best, like no dad ever was.

Media: Gaia is all you're going to know unless I'm comfortable with you. I might hand out my number if you keep a good coversation and don't break my trust.

Other Information:
-Random Friend requests are no longer accepted due to prior complications but a conversation isn't hard to start and trust me, I don't bite. But I will nibble.

-I'm a music enthusiast with a passion. I'd love to get my own name out there but of course helping others is part of my purpose so if you have the guts to share your story and a video of your performance, I will happily promote it free of charge.

-My family and friends are treasured and dear to my heart, be aware that crossing them is not in your best interest. "You just don't understand at all, there isn't a thing in this world I don't cherish" -Cloud Strife

That's all for now, if you got questions or want to get to know me, you know what to do! God Bless you all and peace be with you.




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Nightmare's poetry,thoughts,songs etc.(you get the point)

I've been in poetry for 8yrs and song writing I took up at the beginning of summer of '09 and I enjoy it, I hope you like it:)

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RawrrrStephieex3 Report | 07/16/2018 6:26 am
I have a bunch of items from you wishlist. I'm gonna send you a trade. <3
Teddy Prowler Report | 01/26/2018 12:17 pm
Teddy Prowler
I dont really understand the appeal of lake kindred over zomg tbh
Teddy Prowler Report | 01/04/2018 5:36 pm
Teddy Prowler
stressed scream LAKE KINDRED SUCKS COMPARED TO zOMG scream stressed
Teddy Prowler Report | 01/04/2018 11:51 am
Teddy Prowler
loooots but all good things lol Im glad to hear you're doing good too biggrin do you still play zOMG?
Teddy Prowler Report | 01/02/2018 7:08 pm
Teddy Prowler
im doing good tho how is your life going?
Teddy Prowler Report | 01/02/2018 7:06 pm
Teddy Prowler
HEY! biggrin Nope still here it does seem like everyone is gone tho
Teddy Prowler Report | 03/30/2017 3:19 pm
Teddy Prowler
i hope if you ever get on again you see this and kow youre AWESOME
Sweetseek Report | 07/26/2016 2:27 am
hey there. I've moved profiles now. Sorry for the really late reply. If u want to add me its SweetseekStar
Crash Shibito Report | 10/25/2015 9:13 pm
Crash Shibito
Hope you are ok brother, I know you probably wont see this for a while but just know im thinking of you
SupremeFallenCrimson Report | 08/23/2015 3:49 pm
ze Wolf Angel
i am lizardman
I Poop With Authority
I Poop With Authority
Sonic Serenity
Kassio Oliveira
xx_acidic dreamer_xx
Avenged Blaze
Yuki Usagi241
Vixibella Izoova

The Lord is my Savior and I owe my life to Him. Yes I have Faith and I won't deny it. If you don't, that's okay. But don't judge me just because I DO have something to believe in.

I Love all my friends(even if you're not on here and would like to be then please let me know) and I wish to give them all a personal shout-out to let them know Toasty appreciates their friendship(if you're not on here and we're close, I just haven't gotten to it yet and I sincerely apologize)

To All of my friends on here and real life, this is dedicated to you.

"Your Guardian" If I were to die today, I'd have just one thing on my mind, I'd want to see you face to face, and tell you that you cannot cry,for I have loved and life's been great, don't think that I am leaving you, death's made to appreciate, the darkness that we made it through, I'll ask the Lord and beg Him please, if I could reach you once again, to remind you I'm still in your heart,watching over you as your guardian.-A poem by me, dedicated to all my loved ones to let you know if I am to leave this world before you, I'm only a heartbeat away.

Don't s**t on my profile thanks! :D

I love all my friends and family. If you're in this collaboration of individuals then you hold a special place in my heart. Much love guys!

All my generous benefactors who I'm thankful for! They're also great friends to have here

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