Ni Hao, I am Wang Chun-Yan also known as the personification of the country of China. It is nice to meet you all I am a rather friendly and easy going nation, who loves her large family very much.

my home is located on the map of the world by Russia and my other family member As to my hobbies, If you must know, I love to cook and share many interests with my male half and brother Yao. Yao is just one member of my family, I have such a large one with all my provinces and the little nations I cared and still care for .

As to my likes, well, I simply adore cute things, like cute animals and Hello Kitty. Shinatty chan is my friend to , although he seems to prefer Yao to me. I love to create things too , although japan says I cannot produce exact copies..something about copyright that he keeps lecturing me on.

I do not think that there is anything else that I can say about me, So I will simply say ... zài jiàn !