"I'm just another guy on the Internet."

Is what I would like to say. But I feel like I'm a bit more than that. More like a collection of random opposites.

I'm simple and complicated at the same time.
I like staying indoors, and being out of them.
I like to lounge around, and be active doing something.
I'm a gamer, and outdoorsman.
I'm smart and stupid.

And while it may not seem like it, I am of the lifestyle.

I tend not to be exactly as you expect.

Some call me "The Hunter in Yellow".
Others, "Not Quite Average".
Others, still, "The Grey Knight".

I feel a larger identification with the later. Grey is the color that mocks both the white and black, fudging the lines in between and doing as it pleases.

Now, if you just got more confused reading thus, and really want to get to know me, just ask. (^_^)

I also try to make passable attempts at avi art, as depicted to the right.