I N D U B I T I B L Y Declares ;

The name I go by is Laura.
Sold my soul to Gaia mid '06.
Classified as a CB Regular.
I'm a dying breed indeed.
Am 24 years young.
Unique fact is I was born in Alaska.
My skin color is White.
I am 5 feet and 7 inches taller than you.
Was chubby and now am considered thin.
My body is covered in freckles.
Married to Daniel Mitchell.
Have a beautiful baby girl named Jade.

At this moment I'm working on my General CD AA.
Will get my Teaching Bachelor's soon enough.
Cashier basically full time at Walmart.
I work hard at what I do and am proud of it.
Moved to a two bedroom two bath townhouse in Jan.
So I am indeed busy with all that is currently going on.
I pop in and out regularly to check on things.

By The Way...
My daughter is destined for greatness.
Thinks everything in this world should be painted teal.
Wants to be completely non-materialistic.
Adores the bigger picture in photography.
Would love to get in tune with Mother Nature.
Music to my ears is a wind chimes sound on a rainy night.

Anything else you want to know.
Just simply ask away.
I swear I don't bite < 3 !