Name: Karey

Age: 17
Birthday: 3/22/96
Height: 5'0
Me~ Forgot I was using the same shirt xD
Hai~ ^_^ If you want to get to know me, I am very energetic, i love to be moving.I can have a happy-go-lucky attitude unless something doesn't go my way
I can be short tempered. fiesty, I always change the subject,
Get annoyed easily. Creative,
Yes i'm bisexual, I read romance yaoi manga's, Perverted,
I draw when i feel like it, I dont like being bossed around
Get coldhearted if your just being a p***y.
I love the taste of the dominant look, I'm a child at heart.
The Last child of my family.
My sun sign: Aries, Chinese Zodiac: Rat