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Hello lovelies heart

My name on here is I Love Bad Puns, some folks just call me Puns. My actual name is Sam. I'm a very tiny person, standing at an epic 4' 11" tall. (Yep, I found out that I'm not even 5'.) I'm 20 and graduated college with an Associate's Degree in Graphic Design. My goal is to one day become a game designer (which means going back to school again) and then move to Canada.

I've experienced a lot of life's hardships. Rather than tell you my sob story of a life, I'd rather that you know this: I've hit rock bottom and bounced back from a near death experience. I've grown up with no type of censor most parents put up for their children. I've seen what monsters people can be.

That being said, as a person I am extremely patient. If you ask me something, I'm going to give you a real answer. That "fake niceness" most people use does nothing but bring nativity. Most people find me easy to get along with, I don't judge. If I'm wrong on something, please correct me. I'd rather be more knowledgeable than blind, and I like learning.

I love Smite

Some of my Work

Jaguar's Gaze
I worked on this in my spare time throughout the year. I redid the head 3 times.
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Bird is the Word
I entered this in a contest at my school - I won 1st place! Yay!
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A Xenomorph/Xenoform/Alien Created from Typography
I had to recreate an image using only text/different fonts for a final project at school. For some reason Photoshop killed the resolution and added a green line when I uploaded it.
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My Own Original Character, Razor
For another final project, I had to create my own original character for an existing game.
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Razor in a Sly Cooper Comic
The second part of the character final was so illustrate the character in some way. I made a comic!
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Angel Lady Thing....Photoshop
For my final when I was learning to use Photoshop, I had to use the images given and make something as well as change her dress's and shoes' color.
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Senpai has noticed me

I Love Bad Puns

These are my game names, come play sometime!

League of Legends - DANNY PHANT0M

Smite - FlyingWaifu

Heroes of the Storm - Vezoth#1701

Monster Hunter - PM me if you wanna hunt

Curse Voice - Elemental Gigginox

PS3/PS4 - DaSunBruh

I like gaming with anyone, but please don't be a creeper

I love my kitty ♥

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Current art WIP