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Hey guess what?!?! ITS ALL ABOUT ME!

Name - N/A
S.O. : Dunno, don't care.
Favorite RPG tabletop game - Dungeons & Dragons.
I like Fantasy, Horror, Sci-fi, Anime, CreepyPasta, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Deadpool, Etc.
Some of my favorite snacks are: Honey BBQ Twists(Frito's), popchips, and other stuff.
I'm a Gamer, Artist, Roleplayer, Cosplayer, and more. I also love music.
A few of my hobbies are: Singing, Drawing, Swimming, Crafting, Dancing, Roleplaying, Etc.
My top two favorite fictional characters are: Mermaids, and Gryphons/Hippogriffs:
Also- Dragons, and Fiends. {Love myself a Devil}
I'm kind-hearted, Empathetic, Creative, Open-minded, humble & more. I can be protective.
I'm rather friendly and hardly hate people, yet I can easily spot people whom I won't like.
I am indeed a furry, yet on the more casual side I suppose.
Still weird, But hey, I love it.
That's all for now... Farewell, Fellow traveller.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Hillywood show

I MONSTER - Daydream In Blue

Supernatural Parody -Hillywood show

Fireflies - Chris Garneau

Dirty Night Clowns - Also Chris Garneau

-I- Kisera -I-


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Look! It's a Herp-Derp~

"How do you want to do this?"