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About Me. . . Kind of

Hey look over here! smile okay i just wanted to say something before i tell you all about me! Soo, I was looking at my profile cuz it's still pretty mediocre, and I noticed I definitely wrote my birthday as June 11th! And it's not! I completely messed up, but I wasn't too far off. My REAL b-day is the 12th. So yyea. smile Now that that is taken care of, hi! My name is... i-heart-tdl. I guess. I do not trust the internet with my real name so im not really going to tell you. wink So yea, I like animals, and art, and hangin with my buddies, and art, and reading, and playing on the computer... (also, i like drawing and painting and anything that has to do with art) I love my best friend Amy and her adorable dog Daisy (she's a pekingese) and my sister and my other really close friend Sarah and all of her 5 cats, except waldo is a little evil sometimes... but i still love him. smile

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Abigayle Ligerwing Report | 06/12/2010 8:24 am
Abigayle Ligerwing
sorry i was late saying this but "HaPpY bIrThDaY" !!!!! <abigayle and deschannel rose Ligerwing
AlligatorBlood-182 Report | 02/15/2010 5:19 am
i'm really glad you liked my story smile i uploaded the sequel! http://www.gaiaonline.com/arena/writing/fiction/vote/?entry_id=101994645#title
i think that link works..... lol biggrin i love your Avatar!!! smile
swimgirl44 Report | 08/13/2009 9:00 am
hay i love your pro file it looks great but i say that for everybodys cause mine looks like crap but o well
rozie10000 Report | 05/22/2009 2:04 pm
awww.... u didnt find mah story eh? oh well. and no Rozie is not mah real name. and Roselle is mah middle name! smile
rozie10000 Report | 05/20/2009 12:08 pm
OMG! i lyk, HATE selena gomez now. I heard they were secretly dating. sad and yes, i kno twilight. its pretty much all i talk about. lol. and i also have rls. (its very minor tho) we r kinda alike i-heart-tdl. hey go 2 the fiction writing arena thingy and type in Captives CH1. i wrote it. and Tay is mah BF in da story! wink lol ttfn! <Mrs.Lautner>
rozie10000 Report | 05/16/2009 2:07 pm
Hey i-heart-tdl! Taylor Daniel Lautner is mine.XD wen i saw ur username im like, OMG she likes him 2!!!!!! fyi Im flippin excited that u like HIM more than Rob. (u do like Tay more than Rob ryt?) pm me or comment my profile!!! <Mrs.Lautner>
XRainbowShadowX Report | 05/10/2009 2:38 pm
shyt....i said i Dont like water im not SHARKBOY



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