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I love my Wifey with all my heart <3

I enjoy video games, football, spending time with my girl and my friends

Ex. MLG semi pro 2006


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Xplicit Glowstix

Report | 09/27/2007 5:35 pm

Xplicit Glowstix

Hey hun just wanted to type to you and tell you that i love you alot and have some important stuffz to tell ya

I dont care if people read this if they dont like it or think im weird they can do eff themselfz <3

Lately i've been in depressed moods i hate the way i look i cant tell whos my true friends are anymore JB starting lyking sara and now totally ignores me even when i try to talk to him. it goes to show you how someone can say they care for you then as soon as they find something else to do they ditch you without a care =(

I dont trust almost anyone anymore probably you rachel and my bf akito (jk jk its saras nickname member? I'm zim shes akito) im so confused anymore!

Thank you for always being there for me cause your the one who cares for me the most and i know that and love you sooooo much...
Xplicit Glowstix

Report | 09/04/2007 5:38 pm

Xplicit Glowstix

I love you, yes i do! I miss you, yep its true! You mean the world to me muah muahs yay lol love you wiff all my hearts =^,.,^=

Ashleii n Brandon

Look at us baby, look at us now

Baby Look At Us ^^
Xplicit Glowstix

Report | 09/04/2007 5:32 pm

Xplicit Glowstix

I love you Mr. Hubby and cant wait till the next time you hold me in your arms and i can go "fweee"

I love you sooo muchers =)
Xplicit Glowstix

Report | 09/02/2007 10:09 pm

Xplicit Glowstix

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LOL i love you =^,.,^= Muah