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This is Gaia Online in 2011~2012 series
(Konami, Square Enix and More )

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(The Princess of Blue Memories - ブルーMemoriesのプリンセス)

Name: Miyu Kakare Hiroshima ( Vampire Dark Lady=xBlue IVIemories Miyux As Miyu =美夕Kakare広島)
Age:16 - 18 yrs old
Born: March 26 , 2394
Located:Aura Village ( Hiroshima's Shrine)
Race: Human(over 6000 yrs of Vampire Being)
Role:Sword Blade Master
Weapon of choice:Sword/Sylph/Book of Spell/Reaper/Hammer/Axes


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Miyu (みゆ, ミユ?) is a feminine Japanese given name. Miyu means "Beautiful Moon" in Japanese
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H i s t o r y

Miyu is young girl when she powerful of the swordblade in 2410 A.D.She rebriths of Dracula went Charlotte Aulin is the ancestor of Magical Spell for Belnades' Clan.Miyu meet in the city in Hiroshima,Japan.She take a swordblade for the samurai sword of the moon.She appear to another world in Aora /Aura World.Miyu had a good sister And mother and father are died in Kyoto,Japan.She destroy from Hiroshima's house.She enemy name is Elsika the Dark Lady in the Castle Corridor.Now,she powerful in dark aria spell of sword of the moon.


彼女は彼女はドラキュラのrebrithsシャーロットAulinに行った2410 ADの剣の刃の強力がBelnades藩の魔法の呪文の祖先であるときに美夕は若い女の子です。美夕は、広島、日本の都市に適合しています。彼女は月の武士の刀の剣の刃を取る。彼女はAora/オーラ世界の別の世界に表示されます。美夕は良い妹を持っていた母親と父親は京都、日本で死亡しています。彼女は広島の家から破棄されます。彼女は敵の名はElsika城回廊のダークレディです。今、彼女は月の剣の暗いアリアの呪文で強力です。

The name is " Miyu Hiroshima".
She represented new touhouvania(castlevania).
The makers of Touhou Version.

Miyu's Other Bio ( Family/Close Friends/Childhood Friends)

→My mommy is stronger sword blade form Hiroshima's Shrine .She involved stronger of sword for Eric Lecarde 's Ancestor.

→My other father is beloved of daughters and girlfriend.He powerful the son of Dracula who's to kill of father?

User Image
→Masuki is Miyu's Close Friends.She restored the soul body away.
Masuki is a second main character fight the Dracula from CV biggrin emons of the Bloodstain .The partner is Miyu Hiroshima.

Kirara(Kira): ( A.K.A. Carrie Memories)
User Image
→She beloved her sister.she gives the sword from Hiroshima's Shrine.Kirara is missing her sister. To find her back from Inner Quarters.she called " Carrie Chained Memories".

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→Aeris Elizabeth is Miyu's Close Friend.She gives the history from 1999 centuries in Europe.She protected her Draculina for the battle.
Elsika is a stupid woman but she elder sister in the Castle Corridor.

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→Mika is Miyu's Student and Rue's Partner.She meet her stalker in the "Study Room".Mika is gives of sword blade for 2288 A.D Centuries in Shiro's Shrine - Europe.
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The Character History( IRL Cosplayers)

Paddra Nsu - Yeul
User Image

Yeul has an oval face with green eyes and long, coral dark blue hair that is sometimes kept up, except for two long strands that frame her face. She has a lean, petite frame and at times is seen wearing a unique headdress with a semi-transparent veil that partially hides her face, though she can modify the headdress to remove the veil and let the rest of her hair down. She wears a white halter-like top with an opening in the center and a small crystal above her chest. She also wears a short wrap-around pleated white and pastel purple skirt with a fur pelt in the back, along with bright yellow boots similar to moccasins. Her wrists are adorned with numerous bracelets, and she wears armbands on her biceps and beaded necklaces.
Yeul is a reserved person, mostly keeping to herself. She speaks in a soft tone and in a mysterious sort of way, making her clairvoyant nature all the more present. Even though she is only a teenager, Yeul acts in a mature manner. Though essentially the same, the various Yeuls have unique quirks, interests, and hobbies that set each apart from the others, such as singing and flower collecting.

Aerith Gainsborough (New Character)


My Favorite Character History ( Character Cosplayers)

Terra Branford

Terra Branford, named Tina in the Japanese version, is a playable character in Final Fantasy VI. Her unique abilities make her a key player in the war between the Gestahlian Empire and the rebel factions. Her gameplay name before the player is able to name her is ??????, and her "name" in dialogue is Girl.

Yoshinori Kitase has stated in an interview that Final Fantasy VI has no official main character, as the developers aimed to give the entire cast equal development and standing without anyone standing above the rest. However, Terra features prominently in much of the game's artwork and is pivotal to its plot; she is present in the game's logo, the game's main theme is named after her, and she was chosen as the heroine to represent Final Fantasy VI in Dissidia. Thus, she is widely considered to be the game's central protagonist. This gives her the distinction of being the first female protagonist of a game in the mainstream Final Fantasy series

Remilia Scarlet
User Image
Remilia Scarlet is the owner and head of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the mistress of Sakuya and Meiling, and the older sister (and guardian) of Flandre. Though her appearance (and often behavior) is childlike and seems nonthreatening, she has fearsome magical powers and a reputation to match, being known throughout Gensokyo as the dangerous "Scarlet Devil." Like all vampires she is photosensitive and weakens when exposed to sunlight, so she typically remains inside her mansion (which has few windows to prevent light getting in) during the day and emerges during the night. While she is naturally known to drink human blood, her light appetite means her victims almost never die from their wounds.

Shanoa (In Mule Account)
User Image

Shanoa is the main character of Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. She represents the Order of Ecclesia, the only group who seems up to the task of defeating Dracula in the Belmonts' absence. She is able to absorb magical glyphs using the large rune on her back, which provide her with magical weapon abilities. Although she is often seen wielding an ethereal crimson-colored rapier, Shanoa can use any other weapons granted by her glyphs.

Charlotte Aulin
User Image

Charlotte Aulin is a gifted young mage and a friend of Jonathan Morris since their childhood. Despite being intelligent, Charlotte is a little too confident in her book smarts. She talks a lot and sticks her nose into others' business. Charlotte takes a logical approach to everything so she comes off as unemotional. She has great magic power, and is seen as the potential final weapon in the battle against Count Dracula.


"I support to do give information,Wanna to see people,pets and many peoples are.....

*open the book spell*

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Hiya stalkers.My name is Miyu and I am Blue Memories of Sword Blade Master.The OC cosplay is "Miyu K. Hiroshima".To who's enter your cosplayers are in my profile info.(FF,KH - Like my brother, Touhou,and more character.)
Many peoples are enter my poem entries and my reading manga story is called " Reader Manga For the Week".And my reading anime/games manga is called "Gamer and Anime for the Week of Time".Don't waste of time.I decide to IRL Cosplayer of Castlevania and Touhou Version.
Notes: I won't random comments and PM .Okay >:c
I won't steal my profile codes. And The reason why...,I won't accept random people friend request WILL BE ACCEPTED MY FRIEND LIST.

If you gonna to hate me , I will ignored/blocked you.Peoples are do not be rude/ignored me.


User Image

15//Asian//August 14//Single//Good

I behind cosplay avatar about the female series <3
I am the artist or fine arts...


-Old English
-Filipino (this languages is unfamiliar with that)
-Japanese(I can't understand speak in Japanese)
-Spanish/France(I can't understand speak in Spanish/France)

My sister is Kira (Carrie Memories)

Check it Out My Site Account

Skype ----->miyu.hiroshima
Yahoo------> Miyu Hiroshima

☩ T H E ☩ Q U E S T I O N S ☩ I S...☩

Why did you writing your poem entries?
✞ Because I'll written my poem entries to make unlock my poem entries.
Unlocked Poem: All Poem Entries for Aeris Elizabeth - Poems

My New Outfits:

Children Outfits
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1st Outfits
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2nd Outfits
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Last Outfits
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Cosplayer Outfits

Terra Branford Outfits(FF 6)
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Yeul Outfits(New FF 13 - 2)
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Remilia Scarlet Outfits
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Shanoa Outfits(CV:OOE)

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Charlotte AulinOutfits(CV razz OR)

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Aerith Gainsborough Outfits(FF 7)
New Cosplay

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Click my Mule account

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I recently finish video game about " Castlevania Order Of Ecclesia and Portrait of Ruin and Final Fantasy VI (Complete Series).and also played with my brother about Dead Rising ( Complete Series), Far Cry 2 ( Incomplete Series ).

and now, I starting video game and anime/manga about "FF ( 7 and 13 - 2) and Touhou Project"


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☯Miyu's Journal Poem Entry☯



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Carrie Memories Report | 08/05/2012 12:51 am
OH NO!!!!!!
hey, it's not yours

Simon Famiglia Report | 08/03/2012 5:52 am
wow seriously. Taking my name your such a copy cat. xDD be original.
I Ryoko I Report | 07/27/2012 11:54 pm
You want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profile and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!! it really works!!!
Requiem of Valhalla Report | 07/26/2012 9:49 am
Thank-you, for your friend invite Yeul.
How are you?
Alice Baskerville Report | 07/21/2012 6:29 pm
[ Hm..? *Turns around* Oh, hello! No problem!
How are you? Thank you for the add! Ohh, FF? Cool~ I've always wanted to try playing that..
My friends seem to really like it.. <w<; I like your cosplay. xD Mines.. not the best it can be right now sadly..
Anyway I wanted to say I love Random Requests, because I felt thought of. c: So again, thank you. ]
SeraphicLuminaStar Report | 07/16/2012 4:52 pm
So which Yuel are you?

{ Is this the name you want on your profile? n . n Btw, nice to meet you!~ }
Carrie Memories Report | 07/14/2012 11:14 pm
Requiem of Valhalla Report | 07/14/2012 3:13 am
Lovely avatar Yeul.
Alice Baskerville Report | 07/13/2012 12:46 pm
Carrie Memories Report | 07/11/2012 4:59 am



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