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Updated - 6/9 ~ New Art >:B

I am currently updating my profile, due to requests. I've been fairly swamped and busy, that I haven't had much time to catch up on my profile needs. I am currently working on it. I will be working on some art, and getting more art updated in my profile. I've been making my own airbrush art, with paint shop, using visual effects. I love to paint, and I also adore water colours, and pastel.

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I am Cappie . Cappie is not my real name. I find it a term short for 'Captain,' No. I am (not) the guy from the Tv Series Greek. I've had few people ask me that. I only heard about it when I started getting those questions. For starters, I keep having to revise my profile to stir down conflict. I joined unintentionally through a family member, and was inactive for months. I became more active and interested in the site in general. Now I'm a dedicated user who is willing to help users seek their resolutions and problems, as well as helping them grow more responsible and courageous.

I first joined Gaia in 2007, and became very active. I became, very fascinated with the site, the world, and the interaction. Throughout my 'time' on Gaia, I grew more involved. I introduced myself to the forum's, but on more of a mature level. I became active in the Friend's chat, mingling with some other (older Gaian's) who I found well respected. I then became very dedicated, and put a lot of my effort into the site, wanting to promote it to grow, and help as much as I could. I learned a lot of the pits and ruts around the site, and wanted to learn more and more. I started my own Guild, and became a Mod of the guild for users to help interact with their special interests, that related to mine.

The things I've been helping with, in the last year or so, have been along the technical support lines, pertaining, Bugs & Technical Support and Gaia Community Discussion under Towns. Scripters became very badly, engaged with the site, so I helped as much as I could, since I was in the middle of it all. I started helping in the forum's, in threads, encouraging users to post similiar experiences they have had. I finally thought I'd put my entire heart into it, after I found a thread Simone had created, in July of 2008. I began posting my experiences, and continued to help in the thread. She has been nothing but, gentle and kind to me, and I hope God blesses her for everything she does. Between these times, I helped Beta Test zOmg, and found it very amazing, and fun. I also joined the Elite Clan for zOmg as well.

I mod a site my friend created (away from Gaia), and still do. It's a (General, Community Discussion), along with other interests. I find it very, enchanting. Other things I have done for Gaia, is help users seek ultimate resolutions, and their needs. As far as things I do, as job(s), and hobbies. I love to paint portraits of people. I find the art beautiful, and becoming, and heavenly. I also major in Arts & Entertainment, Environmentalist, and modeling. I love nature, and the Earth. Nature is lovely and deserves its best. (Without sparkles on the grass, the Earth would look dull. Without clouds, there would be no angels to dance around. God speaks for what surrounds us daily and dearly..) I cannot forget music. I love music, and I have been musically inclined since I was a young chap. My favorite instrument is acoustic guitar. The music will live in my heart forever. How I joined Gaia was silly, but God put me here for a reason <3

"Nothing's permanent. Not even Death." - Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Concerning my Pm's: My Pm's are (currently) set to the public. But bare in mind, I will not reply to whining, or attitudes, or your problems 'reflecting your day and taking it out on me. DO NOT pm me for donations/begging for items. It's rude. If you have any questions about the http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/gaia-towns/towns-hack-impersonating-staff-colored-names-and-more/t.41868673_1/] (Towns Hack & Impersonation Thread ), Pm's are more then welcome.

Please do NOT send me long messages in my profile comments. They will be reported as spam/or deleted.

Do NOT pm me racial/hatred/harassment (remarks) of any sort. They will be reported and kindly dealt with.

DO NOT send me fake messages in my pm's pretending to be staff. They will kindly be deleted or reported, or both.

PLEASE do respect my privacy. This means a lot to me.

PLEASE follow the TOS. Terms of Service

Friends list: I am currently deleting people. The process may take a while. My main requests currently disabled globally on Gaia. I have over 2000 requests I have to dig through. This may be a long process, so please be patient while your request is pending.

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(My Mainecoon/Savannah F2 Kitten. This was when he was a little guy. Now he's about 5 months and almost 20 pounds already).

'We are accountable for our own future, past, and present. We must make life of what it is, and walk the longest road." - Cappie

"Everybody should believe in themselves. Believing is a beautiful perception. Everybody should be capable of doing so, without discouragement. I'm a very perceptive individual, and I gain my integrity in speaking what's free from my heart." - Cappie

Few Facts about me

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- As a reminder, I do speak French too. I have a European accent. I did forget to add this. Sometimes I'll just respond in French, or speak it. :].. it's a beautiful language.
- Is obsessed with the word 'Pie'
- Shredded a poptart in a paper shredder once 'it wasn't chocolate'
- Doesn't prefer Chocolat!
- Almost 6 ft
- Scared of Clowns and dentists
- Joined Gaia by accident
- Regrets the day when doesn't nap
- Collects candles and old european stamps
- Is a 'true' Pirate at heart... yaarh! ^_~
- isn't donating at this time
- Once believed brown cows produced chocolate milk even though I don't like chocolate. That's probably why. -just loled- ;]
- Can't pronounce the word 'hill'
- moody individual
- isn't a big fan of, obnoxious people "I will bite your noses off!" -shakes fist- "To no End!!'
- Not good with remembering username's 'esp, if you have changed your name, please let me know, do not come up to me asking, 'Do you remember me?' That drives me batty.
- Prefers Red Wine over White
- has an extremely short temper "Please do NOT hold this against me, through rage/concern of flustering because I'm honestly very emotionally unstable. No, that's not another term for emotism. :]
- has a bad habit of moving avi away from users without realizing it in MTV/Towns
- Drinks Maxwells House Coffee
- Drinks loads of Tea. www.numitea.com
- Says 'heh' a lot.
- once nicknamed Brocolli 'Mario Trees' 'I'm a strange individual. Better then being normal. Normal people disgust me!" D;
- doesn't like dishonest people, or liars.
- once ignited neighbors microwave on fire with a hidden, steel-rimmed coffee cup. "I go through all this trouble for a cup of JOE!"
- feeds raisins to grunnies 'Can't resist the CUTE furry munchkins'

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If there was a way, I could turn the world into pie, I'd do it. But that's just saying, "If I had the power to change others, it would happen magically and instantly, like ramen noodles." - Cappie

"Hipocracy is none-autonomous., but there is no law against your stupidity I'm afraid."

"Imperfection exists in the soul. Perfection exists in the mind. Being accused of 'disloyalty' and 'dishonesty' is becoming the victim." - Cappie

"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal." - Albert Pine

"Never take s**t off of anybody. Don't even attempt to try yourself."

My hero(s) are Keith Richards, 'whom is the true'st, most original pirate that can ever be from the 18th Century' and rock star,' Marlon Brando, Hunter S. Thompson on his journals and stories of truth, passion, and priority, and of course my true honour, and the most amazing man of all times, Tim Burton. No one can compare to Tim's breed. Absolutely no one..

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My Journal of Hope and Truth

The journey will continue....



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Matt Slater

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Matt Slater

Cappie.. Come back sometime. Gaia just ain't the same. stare

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Delora Mara

Report | 06/25/2013 1:48 pm

Delora Mara

imy captain. heart

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Butt Juggler

Report | 07/16/2012 9:48 pm

Butt Juggler

imy emo
Professor Ocelot

Report | 07/02/2012 10:43 pm

Professor Ocelot

Hello Cappie. :3

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He keeps me functioning each and every day. Without Him, I will be nothing.

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But, with Christ, HE strengthens me. (Phil 4:13)
Rare Ginger Myst

Report | 11/18/2011 4:50 am

Rare Ginger Myst

This Account of his is Banned but his new account is Cappeh Sensai. he hangs around Virtual Hollywood once a week.

Report | 08/13/2011 4:39 am


Sorry to bother you.. but are you 'iCappie Captain?

If so I used to know you a bit when you would hang around in 8 Barton 001000.

If not.. Just ignore this xD!